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10 Outreach Tool Recommendations for Sales

Whether you love it or hate it, outreach is an essential part of your sales cycle. Finding leads and making contact can be a little exhausting if you're doing it manually.

Thankfully, the days of copy and paste X 100 are over. With smart automation tools, your sales team can become considerably more productive and reduce their workload without compromising on personalisation or missing out on opportunities. 

At BEE, we have a few firm favourites in our outreach toolbox, and we're sure you'll love them too. Explore our top recommendations below: 



Echobot is a sales intelligence platform tailored for the European B2B market. Utilising powerful filters, this solution allows you to find your ideal customers across the industries that are relevant to your business. You can search for people within any department and hierarchy level, then filter for important sales triggers such as events, projects, and staff changes. As a result, your outreach can be hyper-personalised for the right person within an organisation and delivered at the right time.

Lemlist + Wiza


Lemlist offers built-in email templates, giving you the freedom to create your emails, personalise your message and then automate how these emails are sent. It's a clever tool that makes your cold email outreach more streamlined and targeted. 

You can maximise Lemlist's impact by using it in conjunction with another great tool: Wiza. This software helps you scrape and find relevant contact information for your prospects and build email lists. You can then export contacts directly from the LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a CSV file and start emailing right away — no more manual labour!

By the way, you can also integrate lemlist into HubSpot.

NeverBounce + LinkedIn Sales Navigator  


Email deliverability is super important if you want to ensure you're using your time, effort and resources effectively. NeverBounce makes a big promise — this solution guarantees 99.9% deliverability. The platform offers accurate email verification and filters bad email data out of your system so that your communication always reaches the intended inbox, preserving your reputation and maximising the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

When you build your targeted prospect list in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can verify contacts using NeverBounce and produce a high-quality database that makes all that prospecting work worthwhile. 

There is also an integration between HubSpot and NeverBounce.



PhantomBuster is an all-in-one tool that helps you generate leads from all major networks and lists. With ready-made automation, prebuilt workflows that match your goals, and an easy way to import data from your CRM, PhantomBuster is a code-free tool that your sales team can use to extract lists of leads, enrich data and emails, and send outreach campaigns. 

Furthermore, Phantombuster contains a HubSpot CRM Enricher.


LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to find the right people and opportunities for your B2B across almost any industry. LinkedIn Helper 2 is a software that automates how you find your target leads and then turn them into customers. Designed to help you grow your network, LinkedIn Helper 2 will automatically send invites to 2nd and 3rd-level contacts, along with a personal note. You can also build smart message chains to ensure you reply on time. It's a great way to get more out of LinkedIn and create a better system for building up and managing your contact list. 



Need more leads but don't want to be spammy? Use Expandi. Providing smart, automated sequences, Expandi helps you contact your LinkedIn prospects by email and automate your outreach with ease. You can create a high number of personalised touchpoints, and you don't need to be a technical wiz to make the most of this useful platform. 

The smart sequences allow you to combine nine different actions and time the release of your emails in a way that you deem most effective. Set up conditions, add steps and create if/else outcomes based on the lead's behaviour.



The creators of Clay want you to let go of the manual work, messy spreadsheets, and siloed tools. This incredible software simplifies your prospecting by bringing together the top fifty data providers into a neat, logic-based spreadsheet that eliminates the need for manual cross-checking or CSV files that require hours of input from you to verify data.  

This tool isn't just great for the sales team; it can also be useful for recruiting, community engagement, and so much more. Clay connects with all your platforms to help you build, enrich and automate your outreach. 

And what can we say, of course you can also pull your data from the HubSpot CRM.



A quick way to find the email addresses of the prospects you'd like to target within a company is to do a domain search in Hunter. You'll gain access to a verified list of people that work within the organisation you're interested in. So, if you want the find the email address of the professional you'd like to speak to about your product or service, just use Hunter.

What does an effective sales outreach tool configuration look like?

After exploring all of these tools, you may notice some overlap in the features and benefits they offer. So which ones should you go for to get the most bang for your buck?

We have a tried and tested configuration that works very well to ensure that the right contacts are funnelled into your database and contacted promptly with the exact message you wish to convey. 

For a robust lead mining process that we believe works, take a look at the diagram below.

Lead Mining Process

Of course, each business has its own unique requirements and goals. To help you invest in the right tools and set them up to provide your sales team with leads that have genuine intent to buy, we offer a Lead-Gen-as-a-Service solution that can help to speed up your sales cycle exponentially and take a lot of the pressure off of your team. 

Find out more today by starting a no-obligation conversation with our leadgen expert.