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SaaS companies

Successful B2B SaaS companies are no coincidence

Implement proven growth frameworks to successfully scale and remove the obstacles that stand between you and 10 million ARR.

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Master the challenges on the way from Startup to Scale-up

Predictable demand generation channels, sustained momentum and the simultaneous implementation of scalable processes are challenges that determine the success of a company and distinguish the leaders from the laggards.

Growth pressure

Investors are demanding strong growth figures earlier and earlier, putting pressure on companies to increase annual sales by 2 to 3 times.

Lack of resources

Funding gaps, unfilled positions or a lack of know-how in the team can slow down the momentum and prevent the achievement of growth goals.

Unstructured processes

Lack of scalability in marketing and sales processes negatively impacts unit economics and jeopardises the slope of your growth curve.

With the help and direction from BEE, we successfully implemented a data-driven lead scoring system customised to our needs. Our sales teams now know exactly which leads to touch and we realised stunning efficiency wins and conversion rate improvement.

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Cross the chasm

Use proven frameworks to reach the next stage of growth. We help you build a data-driven demand generation engine that combines inbound and outbound strategies, UX testing and MarTech to give your pipeline the fuel it needs to break the 10 million ARR mark.


Increased lead conversion rate in 3 months through rigorous growth experimentation.

Eliminate all growth stoppers

Get the resources you need to fill gaps in your budget or team. We support you with interim experts, enablement workshops for your team and access to a wide range of funding options to eliminate any growth stoppers and maintain your momentum.


Resources gaps closed and interim funding established in 30 days.

Efficient processes that scale with you

Now is the right time to set your revenue operations on a solid foundation and build systems that scale. No more quick fixes and workarounds. We help you build holistic processes and automation for your marketing & sales that drive down CAC, increase LTV and speed up sales cycles. 


Higher MQL to SQL conversion rate through lead scoring.

See how a Tax SaaS increased lead conversions by 1020%

Download the case study and learn how Apari identified a scalable acquisition channel that increased conversions by 1020% while driving down acquisition cost by 97% by applying our growth framework. 



Discover how BEE can help you achieve your goals.

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