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Health Check

A service for HubSpot Marketing Professional and Enterprise users who want to achieve their goals and get the most out of their HubSpot investment.

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For whom does the BEE.Health Check match?

Are you a HubSpot Marketing Professional or Enterprise user and want to put your HubSpot Portal setup through its paces? No matter what position you hold, we offer the right insights.


As a member of the management team of an established SME, you want to know exactly whether your investment in HubSpot is paying off. Are you using your full HubSpot potential and that of other digital measures to achieve your goals? Is your website compliant with the GDPR? Does it make sense to upgrade individual HUBs? Is the productivity of the sales team measured? Are all marketing KPIs tracked?


As a marketing employee, you want to know exactly whether you are using HubSpot's Marketing HUB with all its possibilities. Where did you make mistakes in the implementation of your campaigns? Where is there a problem with the technical setup? Which workflows can you use and which need to be optimized? Are your templates for emails, landing pages and websites "inbound ready"? What is the current influence of your measures on search engine rankings? Are you picking up your buyer personas correctly?


As a sales manager, you want to increase the efficiency of your sales team and therefore want to see exactly how HubSpot's Sales HUB is currently being used. Are all activities tracked in HubSpot? How well are sequences and templates set up? Is the deal pipeline set up and are there suitable rules for the stages? Are the deals cleanly managed? Is the mobile app being used? Are the HubSpot plugins in use? Do you already work with chatbots?

This is what you can find out with our Health Check:

  • Answers to your efficiency questions about using the Marketing, Sales and Services HUB from HubSpot
  • Deep insight into your instance in the areas of CRM, sales, marketing, topic cluster, campaigns, email, GDPR and reporting
  • News about HubSpot: functions, features, integrations

What changes in your company when you book this Health Check?

  • You get the most out of your HubSpot investment
  • You receive specific tips that you can implement immediately
  • With the help of our Effort & Impact listings you can immediately see which to do's have the highest priority
  • We'll give you instructions on how to implement the to-do's

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