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Focus on the user

With a well designed user journey, intuitive operation, efficient customer approach and a high level of accessibility, our UX design service addresses all in your target groups and strengthens customer loyalty. We transform your website into an online presence with optimal user experience (UX).


UX Design - Companies close to people

Lack of customer profiles

There is a lack of empathetic understanding of the users' expectations and behaviour.We develop the target personas for your company. Through in-depth target group knowledge, you minimise the investment risks.

User barriers? Unknown

From demographic characteristics to accessibility - different user groups face different barriers. Without a differentiated requirements profile, a targeted approach is not possible. We analyse the problems and the associated effects.

No solution approach

Problems are only recognised when users are confronted with them. Anticipatory strategies are not in place. Despite feedback on the user experience, no adjustment points for improvement can be found. We find needs-based solution approaches for the specific user experience of your customers.

Lack of resources

There is a lack of know-how and manpower internally to face the challenges and implement necessary changes. Our UX services include all actions for the design, implementation and ongoing optimisation of user-centred applications.

No performance measurement

You cannot measure whether the methods and actions applied are effective in terms of user experience. Making the success of UX implementations measurable is complicated and time-consuming. With proven test procedures and benchmarks, we deliver data-based results.

Static approach

After website changes and after the implementation of UX activities, no further steps for ongoing optimisation follow.After the first UX design loop, we analyse the processes and successes. What works well is reinforced, what works less well is adjusted.


customer interaction rate through improved user interfaces


more customer loyalty through better customer understanding and increased user comfort

<90 days

to an effective increase in turnover


returning customers due to high satisfaction and functionality of the online offer

UX / UI-Prozess - This is how we proceed


The target personas are analysed, categorised and, if necessary, defined.
Specific problems are identified in order to develop tailor-made solutions.


The challenges and needs of the users are assessed and prioritised according to various criteria. This is followed by the elaboration of the user journey and a clear definition of the solution.


We develop the strategic and visual design of the solution strategies. Prototypes are used to test and iterate the look and feel, the activities and their effect on the user experience.


The final UX activities are implemented in your online presence and go live.

Test & Repeat

The success rate is determined and ranked through benchmark tools and field tests. Through repetition, processes are optimised and new challenges prioritised.

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Insight: UX service concrete

For the Swiss Post, we examined and classified the user experience as part of the website redesign and implemented needs-based methods for UX optimisation.

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