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Software Provider

Digital marketing & sales enablement for your channel partners

Transform your partners' marketing and sales processes to activate the full potential of your channel.


Your channel partners' performance is not where it should be

Rapid digitalisation, increasing competition and the social changes of the last few years are presenting channel partners with new challenges.

Outdated strategies

Partners do not have the necessary knowledge or resources to successfully acquire customers in digital spaces and open up new markets.

Lack of systematisation

Lack of synchronisation and repeatability of GTM strategies across all markets and channel partners, leading to reduced channel efficiency.

Inefficient use of resources

The undirected use of resources and lack of data to optimise processes lead to a poor ROI of their partners' marketing & sales activities.

Get your products to market faster

Unleash the full potential of your partner network with scalable GTM strategies. We help you develop strategy templates that can be easily scaled across channel partners, countries and markets to get your products to market faster.


More efficiency

Achieve your sales targets regularly

Equip your channel partners with the necessary knowledge to continuously generate profits. In our Accelerator Programme, we provide your partners with the necessary know-how to independently implement efficient marketing and sales strategies.


More leads from your own campaigns

Continually win new customers and open up new markets

Generate a steady stream of leads with effective campaigns and relevant content. We help your partners link campaigns, content and marketing automation into a unified system to continuously convert visitors into qualified leads.


More inbound leads

Discover how BEE can help you achieve your goals.

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