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Personnel service provider

Ongoing qualified leads for your sales team

Implement results-oriented and data-driven growth solutions for your HR services company.


The old sales strategies do not work anymore

The old sales strategies do not work anymore

Rapid digitalisation, increasing competition and the societal changes of the last few years present new challenges for personnel service providers (PDL).

Too few leads

The decreasing efficiency of classic sales strategies forces PDL to find new ways of addressing customers in digital channels.

Lack of plannability

Lack of repeatability and systematisation of sales processes prevent reliable planning and achievement of sales targets.

Outdated marketing and sales tools

Inefficient marketing & sales processes and lack of information make it impossible to make data-based decisions.

Within the first six months, we were able to generate four times more leads than before - this would not have been possible without the partnership with HubSpot.


Gain qualified leads through your website on an ongoing basis

Generate a steady stream of qualified leads through effective inbound and outbound campaigns and a website that not only looks pretty, but also generates enquiries.

We build websites and combine them with performance campaigns and marketing automation into a unified system to continuously convert visitors into qualified sales leads.


more leads within 6 months

Plan and achieve your sales targets

Transform marketing & sales into a plannable system with measurable processes. We help you achieve your sales targets on a regular basis by combining standardised processes, automations and optimised offer structures into a holistic system.


reduction of acquisition costs

All marketing tools and data in one central place

Combine marketing and sales in one holistic system and gain valuable insights. We help you implement a modern marketing/sales tech stack and connect to existing systems. This saves you valuable time and puts all the information you need at your fingertips to provide your interested parties with a personalised experience that will turn them into your customers in no time.


HubSpot implementation and launch of the first lead campaign

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