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Efficient sales systems for consulting companies

Stay ahead of the game and benefit from the increased demand for business advice by differentiating yourself from your competitors with a clear positioning and a unique client experience.


Management consultancies have to remain agile and face new challenges if they want to benefit from the increased demand.

Increasing competition, changing client behaviour and a lack of skilled workers create new challenges for management consultancies.

Lack of skilled workers

The lack of skilled workers has come to a head again - in order to remain competitive, companies need to focus more on acquiring and cultivating top talents.

Increasing customer expectations

In today's competitive market, advisory firms must not only deliver on time and within budget, but provide a unique customer experience that exceeds client expectations.

Lack of digitisation

Lack of repeatability and systematisation of processes in marketing, sales and customer service prevent reliable planning and achievement of sales targets.

Attract top talent and clients on an ongoing basis.

Generate a steady stream of qualified prospects - through effective inbound and outbound campaigns and a website that not only looks pretty, but also generates leads.

We build websites and combine them with performance campaigns and marketing automation to create a unified system that continuously generates demand.


more requests within 6 months

Meet high expectations and strengthen the relationship with your customers.

Binden Sie Ihre Kund:innen ein und stärken Sie Ihre Partnerschaften. Wir definieren alle Berührungspunkte mit Ihrem Unternehmen, vom ersten Kontakt bis zum Kundenservice, und helfen Ihnen, jede Interaktion zu einem kundenzentrierten Erlebnis zu machen.


Increase of the Net Promoter Score

Plan and reach your sales targets

Transform marketing & sales into a measurable system with plannable processes. We help you to regularly achieve your sales targets by combining standardised processes, automations and optimised offer structures into a holistic system.


Reduction of acquisition costs

This is how Thomas Witt Consulting was able to generate 1,130 % more ROI from a single client.

One of Germany's leading consulting firms was able to achieve an increase of 3x more leads through its website and increase ROI by 1130% as a pioneer in digitalisation.
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