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Generate sales calls with decision makers on an ongoing basis

Do you want to accelerate your growth and reach your sales targets but don't know how to generate quality leads in a sustainable and cost-efficient way? We combine inbound/outbound systems and a deep industry understanding into an effective system to continuously generate qualified MQLs/SQLs for your sales pipeline. 


67% of all entrepreneurs say that generating qualified leads that convert into deals is one of their biggest challenges.

Network is exhausted

Requests from their own network are not sufficient to reach the growth targets.

No predictability

Irregular lead generation makes it difficult to deploy resources properly.

Unqualified requests

Requests do not match the desired customer profile, or the leads are not ready to buy.

No time and resources

For many, qualitative acquisition is not feasible alongside daily business.

Not enough visibility

A lack of presence in digital channels makes it difficult for prospects to find you.

No suitable partner

Many agencies promise a lot but do not deliver results.

How do I get qualified sales calls with decision-makers from the target industry?

Every industry and every target group is different, which is why we use a customer-centric approach and tailor our actions and tools to your situation. We find out which elements are missing in your growth machine.

  1   Traffic
Increase traffic through: Organic Search, Social Media, Paid Media, Recommendations

  2   Conversions
More MQLs through: Downloads, Registrations, Contact Requests, Subscriptions, Consultation Requests


  3   Lead management
More SQLs from MQLs through: Scoring, Nurturing, Marketing and Sales Automation

BEE Services
- HubSpot Growth Service

  1   Lead lists
Generate MQLs and SQLs from B2B Data, Intent Data, Sales Trigger

BEE Services
- Leadgen-as-a-Service

  2     4   Presales
More first calls agreed through: Telephone Follow-up, Social Media, Email, Videos

BEE Services
- Presales-as-a-Service (coming soon)

  • IT Provider
  • SaaS company
  • Manufacturing
  • Consulting


Lack of differentiation, products that need explanation and too much focus on telephone acquisition mean that many ITSM/TK companies generate erratic demand and struggle to scale their acquisition.


We build websites and combine them with performance campaigns and marketing automation into a unified system to continuously convert visitors into qualified leads for sales.


+40% Visibility
+818% Inbound Leads
-92% CAC (Cost of Acquisition)



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For the relaunch of our digital marketing with HubSpot, BEE is the professional partner we were looking for. Pragmatic with an eye on the essentials, we were able to achieve clearly measurable, improved results in record time with BEE.

Urs Wermelinger, VP Marketing & Partner, CYCL AG


A fragmented software landscape, data silos and processes that don't scale mean that many SaaS companies see little results and struggle to scale their acquisition.


We help you build holistic processes and automations for your marketing and sales that reduce CAC, increase LTV and accelerate sales cycles.


+1020% Landing Page Conversion
+66% MQL to SQL conversion
-90 days for a new GTM strategy


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With the help and direction from BEE we successfully implemented a data driven lead scoring system customised to our needs. Our sales teams now know exactly which leads to touch and we realised stunning efficiency wins and conversion rate improvement.



Lack of digital visibility, analogue sales processes and data silos mean that many manufacturing companies are barely generating leads from digital channels and are missing out on valuable sales opportunities with existing customers.


We define all touchpoints with your business - from first contact to customer service - and help you grow with new and existing customers.


+22% growth in 12 months
+31% turnover from existing customers
+8 NPS (Net Promoter Score)


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Looking back, only good impressions remain. Wherever we show our new website, we receive great feedback - the appealing design combined with well-structured content convinces all along the line.

Thomas Haller, Sales Manager, EICHENBERGER GEWINDE AG


Manual processes, data silos and high administrative overhead make it difficult to scale without hiring more staff. Partners and advisors often lack the time to efficiently maintain their network, acquire new clients and look after existing clients.


We help you consolidate all customer information into one CRM, automate redundant processes and continuously generate your ideal accounts via digital channels with the help of relevant content.


4x more qualified enquiries
-14h time saving due to automations
+8 Net Promoter Score


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Thanks to BEE's great understanding of our market and our services, there was no need for long discussions and explanations. The BEE.GAMEPLAN is the essence of the way we want to achieve our goals in the future.

Pascal Schmid, CEO, Netrics AG

Now is the time to put your revenue operations on a solid foundation and build systems that scale. No more quick fixes and workarounds. We help you implement growth strategies and achieve your revenue targets. If desired, with innovative approaches to finance the high initial investments.   


Our method

Growth Audit

We get to know your company, market, and goals to work out your growth potential. What digital strategies are already being used, what is still possible and what resources need to be devoted to them?


In the next step, we define a timeline, the KPIs for measuring success, work out the personas and challenges and determine the channels and messages with which we reach your ideal customers.

Setup Tech Stack

The foundation of any effective and scalable system is robust processes that deliver results at the push of a button. We implement data-based software solutions that seamlessly integrate with each other and automate redundant work steps.

Go Live

Whether a campaign is a success or a failure depends heavily on its distribution. We plan the distribution of your content and key messages across all channels - including cross-media. In addition, we take care of the engagement of your target audience and your employees to achieve maximum reach and push performance.


Whether it's complex lead nurturing, qualification via marketing automation or direct conversations with prospects, we ensure that only decision-makers from your ideal customer profile are released for sales so that your account executives can focus on closing deals.


Immediately after going live, we check the defined KPIs and start the ongoing optimisation of your digital campaign. We perform performance reviews, create KPI dashboards and ensure that your campaigns are performing at their best and contributing to your growth. With all the learnings, you can perfect current and future campaigns.


Get to your goals without the detours


Initial interview

We get to know your company, your market, your goals and record what is blocking the achievement of your goals and how we can help with our services.


Roadmap and Budget

In a joint scoping worksession, we develop an OKR roadmap, calculate your goals and draw up an initial rough budget.


Project start

Within 14 days we put together the project team and start the project with a kick-off for the whole project team.

Discover how BEE can help you achieve your goals.

Book a no-obligation initial interview now. We will analyse your current situation and discuss strategies to help you achieve your goals.