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BEE: Because we are like we are.

We bring together growth-minded people and organisations with the goal of driving growth at every level.

Do you want to start a career at BEE? Then take a look at our current job offers.

Available positions at BEE

You want to play to your strengths, share knowledge and develop yourself? Are you inspired by digital transformation? Then we should get to know each other.

BEE ticks differently.

BEE is a space full of possibilities for your development. Simply unique!

Authenticity - be your best self

Inspired to grow together

Performance pays off

Satisfaction is important to us

Exciting customers

Unusual opportunities for development and design

Best performance - through inspiration and motivation

Urban workspace with lots of movement

What do you think? Do you fit BEE?

We want everyone in the BEE team to share our mindset. Then we can grow together! This basic attitude is important to us: 


Growth involves change. At BEE, new tasks and activities are always emerging. You are a team player who is flexible and creative so that we can meet our high performance standards. This agility inspires you.


Development also involves effort. You like to leave your comfort zone and are always looking for opportunities to change. You actively shape these so that positive growth emerges from them.

Job ist top!

Your job is one of the most important areas of your life. You want to fulfill yourself in your work so that it makes you happy. And if everyone is satisfied with the result, that's a real source of happiness for you.

BEE.Core Values

Durch die Menschen, die sie täglich leben, bilden unsere Core Values den Geist von BEE. Daran messen wir unser Handeln und Denken – immer wieder aufs Neue. Und daran wollen wir auch von Ihnen gemessen werden.

Practice what you preach

Own your shit!

Challenge the status quo

Sharing is caring

Just do it!