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Digital marketing & sales transformation for local banks

Identify suitable digital projects for the implementation of a PoC in compliance with the strict regulations for banking.


The old marketing and sales strategies no longer work

The rapid development of FinTech, strict regulations and the social changes of recent years face banks with new challenges.

Regulatory pressure

Strict regulations make it difficult to implement digital marketing and sales strategies.

Changed customer behaviour

The last few years have permanently changed the way customers inform themselves and interact with companies.

Inefficient strategies

The declining efficiency of classic sales strategies is forcing banks to find new ways to address customers in digital channels.

The BEE analysis of potential has revealed that we have some catching up to do in our internet presence and has clearly shown where we can outdo our direct competitors with relatively little effort.

Guérard Nik, Marketing & Communications

Gain leads for your product segments on an ongoing basis

Generate regular leads with effective campaigns and relevant content on your website. We help you link campaigns, existing forms and marketing automation into a unified system to continuously convert visitors into qualified leads.


More leads generated in sponsorship.

Strengthen relationships with your customers and partners

Engage your customers and strengthen your partnerships through a consistent user experience. We help you map all touchpoints and gain valuable information through end-to-end tracking, which allows you to design a memorable UX.

mehr NPS

Increase in NPS in 180 days.

Identify suitable projects to implement a PoC

Combine marketing & sales into a holistic system and gain valuable insights. We help you implement a modern marketing tech stack and connect to existing systems so you can identify suitable projects and get management buy-in for a PoC.


A PoC implemented in 90 days.

This is how a local bank was able to successfully implement a PoC in under 90 days

Download the case study and learn how a local bank identified a suitable product and implemented a PoC in just 90 days.
(Ony in German)


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