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Website as a Service

For companies with high website standards

Create outstanding websites in record time with the Beevolution HubSpot Theme and BEE Website Services.


Excellent websites in record time

With the Beevolution HubSpot Theme and the BEE Website Services, BEE Digital offers medium-sized and large B2B companies convincing complex websites – within the shortest possible time.

Simply simple

You will love it. Because it's so incredibly simple. Because it's so inspiring. Because your website is created in no time. No programming knowledge required and, therefore, no dependency.


The Beevolution theme is perfectly aligned with the HubSpot CMS and fully integrated. You get the maximum performance out of it. All HubSpot functions can be used directly in the Beevolution Theme.


100+ modules, ready to go! With drag and drop and countless design options, you can customise sections and modules in seconds and create your unique website.


Enable highly personalised experiences for your website visitors. Completely automated. Through seamless integration with the HubSpot CRM. Unique!

Websites Inspiration

A selection of websites that BEE has created for clients. 

Outstanding websites that target your industry

Through practical experience in various industries, we know your challenges. We have developed complete solutions to transform your marketing and sales.

  • IT Provider
  • Manufacturing
  • SaaS Company
  • Consulting
  • Personnel Service Provider


Traditional sales strategies no longer work. Rapid digitisation, increased competition and the societal changes of recent years present IT service providers with new challenges.


IT service providers must stand out with a modern and fresh design, as well as a good user experience (UX). The focus is on lead generation and an entry page where the positioning is immediately recognisable.

+40% Visibility
+818% Inbound Leads
92% CAC (Cost of Acquisition)



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For the relaunch of our digital marketing with HubSpot, BEE is the professional partner we were looking for. Pragmatic with an eye on the essentials, we were able to achieve clearly measurable, improved results in record time with BEE.

Urs Wermelinger, VP Marketing & Partner, CYCL AG


In recent years, the information behaviour of customers and their interaction with companies have changed permanently. Classic sales activities are increasingly losing efficiency and are not suitable for digital channels.


Production companies have to address various stakeholders with their website and clearly communicate their differentiated positioning - in text and images. The focus is on lead generation and clear UX to guide visitors through the website in a targeted manner.

+22% growth in 12 months
+31% turnover from existing customers
+8 NPS (Net Promoter Score)


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Looking back, only good impressions remain. Wherever we show our new website, we receive great feedback - the appealing design combined with well-structured content convinces all along the line.

Thomas Haller, Sales Manager, EICHENBERGER GEWINDE AG


Continuous demand generation, ongoing momentum and the simultaneous implementation of scalable processes: The way SaaS companies address these challenges is a key determinant of their success. This is where the leaders differ from the laggards.


SaaS companies need to differentiate themselves and implement a simple buyer's journey. The focus is on the product, the value proposition and maximising the conversion rate.

+1020% Landing Page Conversion
+66% MQL to SQL conversion
90 days for a new GTM strategy


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With the help and direction from BEE we successfully implemented a data driven lead scoring system customised to our needs. Our sales teams now know exactly which leads to touch and we realised stunning efficiency wins and conversion rate improvement.



In order to benefit from the increased demand in the field of management consulting, consultants need to enter the market with a clear positioning and a unique client experience.


Consulting companies need to stand out with a modern and fresh design, as well as a good user experience (UX). The focus is on lead generation and attracting talent.


4x more qualified enquiries
14h labour savings through automation
+8 Net Promoter Score



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Thanks to BEE's great understanding of our market and our services, there was no need for long discussions and explanations. The BEE.GAMEPLAN is the essence of the way we want to achieve our goals in the future.

Pascal Schmid, CEO, Netrics AG


Traditional recruitment and sales strategies no longer work. Rapid digitisation, increasing competition and the societal changes of the last few years pose new challenges for personnel service providers.


Recruitment agencies need to stand out with a clear and sharp positioning, a modern design, and an intuitive user experience (UX). The focus is on lead generation from customers but also talents.


4x more leads within 6 months
55% CAC (acquisition costs)
30 days for HubSpot implementation and launch of the first lead campaign



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BEE understood our concerns right from the start and looked after us with commitment. The team's commitment is just as outstanding as the result. Through a strategically planned roadmap, we were able to achieve quick wins that motivate us to do more.

Thomas Lang, SFOUR Consulting AG

Your high-quality, user-oriented website: Start the transformation

Beevolution: Packed with top features

Create a fully responsive website without programming knowledge. With 100+ predefined modules and industry-specific templates. Documented from A to Z and seamlessly integrated with HubSpot.

Flexible Layouts


Versatile Navigations


Background Options


Light & Dark Mode


Great Features


What is your challenge?

Through 100+ website projects, we know the industry-specific challenges and how intensive such a project can become. We know all the common CMS systems and have deliberately chosen the HubSpot CMS.

HubSpot makes building websites faster and easier than any other system. Unique access to CRM data ensures highly personalised website experiences.

Create a new website by yourself

I would like to create my website myself with the HubSpot CMS and purchase the Beevolution Theme. If I wish, I can book additional BEE service packages in addition.:

  • • Setup HubSpot CMS
  • • Setup Theme
  • • Coaching and Support
  • • Custom Design


Migrate existing website

I would like to migrate my existing website from any CMS to HubSpot CMS. I can book additional BEE service packages on request:

  • • Review existing content SEO
  • • Create new content
  • • Simple re-design
  • • UX optimisations


Get a new website created

I would like to have a high-quality website created by BEE and require BEE Website Services::

  • • Differentiating positioning
  • • Unique web design / style guide / visual language
  • • UX Design / User Journey
  • • SEO Content
  • • UX optimisations
  • • Integrations / Login areas / Tracking
  • • A/B tests and reporting
  • • Multidomains / Multilingualism


Website maintenance

I have relaunched or migrated my website with the Beevolution theme and would like to leave the management in professional hands. I would like BEE to take care of all or part of it:

  • • Reporting (updating and validating reports)
  • • Review and QA of newly created pages before they go online
  • • SEO (regular SEO report with optimisation suggestions)
  • • UX optimisation and branding compliance (report with optimisation suggestions)
  • • Performance analysis (report with optimisation suggestions)
  • • Implementation of changes for theme updates and QA
  • • Mobile optimisations

from1.500CHF/EUR p.m.

Request cost estimation

Enter the approximate number of pages of your current or planned website and select the desired BEE services and add-ons. We will get back to you within 48 hours with a cost estimate.


The Beevolution HubSpot theme supports your company's success with every pixel and offers you the creative freedom that no other theme on the market does. Maximum performance for your pages in the HubSpot CMS. Optimised for medium-sized and large B2B companies with extensive and complex websites.


Developed with love in Switzerland, by a HubSpot Diamond Partner.

Developed with love in Switzerland, by a HubSpot Diamond Partner.

With experience from 100+ website projects.


Book a demo

100+ large and small companies have already started with BEE. Arrange a no-obligation consultation. We will talk about your requirements and find the right pricing model for your website goals and show you a demo of the Beevolution Theme on request.