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BEE Investor Deck

Participate in the growth of BEE and become part of the BEE Growth Story by purchasing Digital Share Tokens.

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Digital Share Tokens – Make Things Happen

With Digital Share Tokens (BEES), we can finance ourselves through our ecosystem and remain strategically independent. Our journey to long-term growth includes our community, customers, partners, supporters, and especially our employees.

Online share register

The register is always up to date and is maintained automatically.

Certificate of ownership

Holders of digital tokens are shareholders and have the same enforceable rights as traditional shareholders.

Transmit digitally

Tokenised shares can be transferred digitally to other investors at any time.

Smart shareholder agreement

The shareholders' agreement is digitised and can be partially executed online.

Liquid investment

We plan to provide some liquidity so that shares can be bought and sold through the shareholder brokerbot.

Unchangeable data sets

All data is forgery-proof after it has been registered in the blockchain.

Where Do We Bring Value?

We help to transform marketing and sales for medium-sized and large companies in the DACH region. Our products and subscription model services lay the foundation for a measurable increase in performance and accelerate growth. 

Marketing & Sales, CX / IX

We help medium-sized and large companies in the DACH region to generate leads and close more deals in less time with a unique customer and investor experience (CX/IX).

Sharpening the DNA and building a differentiating positioning are fundamental tasks. Afterwards, we express a unique positioning in a new digital presence. 
With this basis, we help fill the lead pipelines quickly and continuously with inbound and outbound campaigns. In doing so, we implement or improve the digital marketing and sales processes and integrate all necessary tools with HubSpot. Through touchpoint management and automations, we achieve a unique customer and investor experience (CX/IX).


Together with our partners, we offer companies the opportunity to accelerate their growth without losing control of their business.

Our Growth Financing Service can help finance the high initial investment for growth by evaluating alternative and classic forms of financing. We also assist with selection, application and risk management.

Together with our partner Lendity.com, we can offer revenue-based financing (RBF). We are also looking at ways to engage the current ecosystem and innovate, including with Digital Shares and our partner Aktionariat.com.

Organisation Development

We show you how to make and implement the right decisions in the transformation process to accelerate growth.

By developing and optimising digital strategies, structures and processes, we strengthen the capacity for change at the micro and macro level. We bring continuous growth into companies and anchor a completely new mindset in the thinking and actions of teams.

The BEE.Transformance Services are based on the four main thrusts: Strategy, Cash, Execution, and People. We are guided by the Scaling Up framework. 

HubSpot Enterprise Solutions

As a HubSpot Diamond Partner, we help companies realise their digital growth strategy by implementing and integrating new and existing systems and third-party apps.

HubSpot CRM and CMS implementations, HubSpot Enterprise integrations: The HubSpot Growth Platform is designed for business growth and includes all the marketing, sales and customer service tools businesses need to grow. With BEE.HubSpot Enterprise Solutions, we help you use these tools effectively for business development. Solidly designed. Fully implemented. Seamlessly integrated. Focused on growth.


+100 Companies Have Already Started With BEE

With cross-sector experience from many transformation projects, we inspire our clients to turn every challenge into an opportunity - and every opportunity into growth. Our services and all digital solutions for marketing and sales are designed to increase performance and strengthen growth.

A Lead Engine with HubSpot for Asendia Switzerland | Swiss Post

Development and implementation of a lead generation strategy for Logistics & Supply Chain with the help of HubSpot.

ecoinvent goes HubSpot

More efficiency through centralised data, a central Sales & Service Hub and automated workflows

Netrics: Fusion & Migration

Migration HubSpot | New Corporate Inbound Ready Website | Migration Social Accounts | Kick Off Rebrand & Image Kampagne

New website with the BEE.Theme

Improve web performance in the shortest possible time

HSE AG: Inbound Marketing for Life Science

Development of a brand positioning and an inbound marketing strategy as well as implementation of the strategy on all channels.

Ambit Group: New brand positioning

New brand positioning for the Ambit Group

A Growth Hacking Framework for APARI

How APARI increased conversion rates by 1020% with the Growth Hacking Framework.

Tecan: Video portal on HubSpot

Creation of a state-of-the-art inbound ready video tool, integration HubSpot and Wistia Player

Eichenberger Gewinde AG

Digital strategy, repositioning and campaigns

U-NICA solutions AG

Repositioning, website relaunch & more leads

The BEE.Performers

Our love for what we do is our strength. We are a diverse mix of characters motivated to uncover the endless growth opportunities within the digital landscape. True professionals, passionate specialists and boundless all-rounders converge at BEE.

We believe in the power of transformation. Sustainable growth and positive development can only be achieved if we constantly change ourselves. We encourage our entire team, including our customers, to adopt this philosophy.


Ben Klein


Manuela Krapf


Nik Engel

Why Invest in BEE Now?

BEE will revolutionise the agency business model and establish Growth-as-a-Subscription in the market. We offer end-to-end growth services - from growth strategy to closed deals. We rely on the Growth Framework, which we continue to expand with our T4V partners, in order to be able to react even faster to market changes and risks.

What does Growth-as-a-Subscription (GaaS) mean?

We offer companies human resources, licences and advertising budgets on a subscription basis. The repayment options for the high initial investment are flexible and dependent on the development of turnover.
We develop products, services and technology partnerships that are all designed to generate monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and retain our customers for at least 36 months.

+10M ARR by the End of 2025

By 2025, we are building a +10M MRR company, with at least 50% MRR from products and licences.

By 2025, we are the preferred HubSpot Elite Partner in the DACH region for medium-sized and large companies operating in local and global markets.

BEE is "Best Place to Work": We are a magnet for high-performing talent and retain our best employees.

We are prepared for rapid growth - by implementing the Scaling Up framework as a Management Operating System (MOS).

Objectives & Key Results

  • PEOPLE: Best Place to Work
    Our strong team players can become shareholders themselves. This is how we retain the best talent and attract top performers.
  • CASH: Profitable Growth
    With MRR services, products and licences, we achieve profitable growth to ensure further growth from cash flow.
  • STRATEGY: Thought Leadership
    We continue to build on our leadership role in the HubSpot Ecosystem and become the first choice for growing businesses.
  • EXECUTION: Most Loyal Customers
    We inspire and retain our customers for the long term through "Speed and Excellence in Execution".

Investment Case

BEE will revolutionise the agency business model and establish Growth-as-a-Subscription in the market. You have the opportunity to participate in this process and become part of the first group of investors.

Our goal: 
Through organic and inorganic growth, we want to develop BEE to achieve sales of CHF 10 million by 2025. The composition of the turnover will determine the valuation at that time. The ARR revenue share (subscription models) will lead to a significantly higher valuation than the rest of the projected revenue.


Investment Case 1: Hold the shares until 2025
By getting in early, there is the potential for a significant increase in the share price. An investment of CHF 10,000 made today could potentially be worth CHF 30,000.

Investment Case 2: Hold the shares and extend the investment until 2025
Shares can be bought and sold at any time via Brokerbot. However, the ability to do so depends on the number of shares available in the Brokerbot, as there is only a limited number.

Investment Case 3: Sell the shares at an earlier date
Realise any investment gains at an earlier stage and sell the shares via the Brokerbot.

Investor Pitch Deck

Request the Investor Pitch Deck to learn more about the business model, KPIs and metrics and market potential. You will receive an email with an NDA that you must sign in advance. The management team will be happy to take the time to guide you through our pitch deck. Simply arrange an appointment.


Become a BEE Shareholder

Become part of the BEE Growth Story and participate in the success and growth of BEE Digital Growth AG.*

* Important information:
This is an offer to purchase shares and is directed only at persons in Switzerland and the EEA. Persons from other countries are expressly excluded and it is prohibited to distribute this offer in any way in such countries. The offer to persons in the EEA is limited to a total of €100,000.

"All Digital Tokens are shares of the same share class. Holders have the same voting rights as all investors, including founders and early investors."

The Investment Model

Total Shares:  1.116.500
Tokenised Shares: 116.500

Phase 1: Employee STO
In the course of the STO (security token offering), employees were able to buy shares.

Phase 2: Early Investors
BEE Seed investors were able to buy 16,100 shares at a discount. 

Phase 3: Private Placement
Exclusive private placement offer starts on 09.06.2022 at the BEE Digital Shares Launch Party with a limited number of 50,000 shares. Minimum investment of 5K.

Phase 4: Public
By providing 20,500 shares, we are giving additional investors the opportunity to become part of the BEE story. Capital increases are planned for the future by tokenising more shares. Minimum investment 1K.


Download App

Download the Aktionariat app on your smartphone and create your digital wallet. 

Enter amount

Enter the amount for which you want to buy shares with CHF, ETH, XCHF.

Deposit amount

Pay the amount immediately by bank transfer or buy directly with cryptocurrencies.


Register here to receive shareholder rights and stay informed.

Buy and sell shares

Buying BEES is easy. Download the Shareholder App on your smartphone and create a digital wallet. This allows you to buy and sell BEE shares (BEES). With a bank transfer, you will receive the account details to make the deposit. How to buy with cryptocurrencies is explained under Questions & Answers.

Funding progress

Here you can see how many BEES are still available in Phase 3: Private Placement.

Market details

Shareholder rights

Stay informed

Historical market prices

Here you can see the historical prices and the development of the prices. 



Trading volume

Here you can see how the BEES are traded and with what volume.


Shareholder Rights Registration


Shareholder Rights Info

The BEE shareholder rights comply with the legal requirements:

Shareholders are entitled to the shareholder rights provided for by law. Each share has one vote at the General Meeting ("GM").

The powers of the individual corporate bodies of BEE comply with the legal provisions; this applies in particular to the AGM.

As before, BEE's profits are either invested in increasing the value of the company or distributed to the shareholders as dividends.

The sustainable increase in the value of the company is in the foreground.


Important downloads


Smart Contract Adress:
You can view our public smart contract address on Optimism here.

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Questions & Answers

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How does buying shares with crypto work?

What about the share register and data protection?

Who cannot buy shares?

Which wallet does BEE recommend ?

Do I need a hardware wallet?

What rights does the shareholder have?

Is there a price risk when selling the tokens?

What are the taxes and fees?


Investor Pitch Deck

Request the Investor Pitch Deck to learn more about the business model, KPIs and metrics and market potential. You will receive an email with an NDA that you must sign in advance. The management team will be happy to take the time to guide you through our pitch deck. Arrange an appointment.

Learn More

Talk to management

We will be happy to take the time to answer your questions. Simply choose an appointment that suits you.


Ben Klein


Nik Engel


We find the endless opportunities of the digital world tremendously exciting. Digitisation and the digital opportunities that come with it are a huge playing field where we bring brand and people together - digital transformation for the benefit of both customer and provider!