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BEE Team

Transform to Perform

BEE brings together growth-minded people and organisations to drive growth at every level through targeted change.

This is what BEE stands for

Boost Performance

Our decisions are always based on KPIs - and in such a way that the defined goals can also be achieved. Every single action must be measurable, every result must be analysable. This enables us to continuously learn and improve performance.

Expand Growth

Maximising growth requires the transformation of Marketing & Sales. We help you with this transformation so that you can increase your performance and grow profitably. To do this, we combine strategy, technology, data intelligence and the potential of employees in a holistic transformation model.

Exceed Expectations

We offer "Growth as a Service" for the implementation of the BEE.Transformance model: Digital Marketing & Sales Enablement, CRM, Data Intelligence Enterprise Integrations and Organisational Development. By implementing results-oriented, data-driven digital solutions, we create value with one clear goal: to exceed your expectations.

BEE.Core Values

The Core Values form the special BEE.Spirit - through the people who live them every day. At BEE, Value stands for an inner attitude and strong personality traits that promote development, performance and growth.

Practice what you preach

Own your shit!

Sharing is caring

Challenge the status quo

Deliver to exceed

BEE transforms!

We believe in the power of transformation. Sustainable growth and positive development can only be achieved if we constantly change ourselves. We encourage people as well as companies to make this change.


BEE is a microcosm in which people like to move around, work together with commitment, develop personally and help shape forward-looking services. From this microcosm, we drive transformation. With the goal of boosting performance and enabling strong growth.

Ben Klein

The BEE.Performers

True professionals, passionate specialists, boundless all-rounders: At BEE, people love what they do - and do what they love. Maybe that's what makes us so strong. Many different characters - with one thing in common: The amazement, the fascination, the burning for a digital world with endless growth opportunities.

Ben Klein


Manuela Krapf

Chief Customer Officer

Nik Engel


Adrian Guse

Managing Director Germany

Giuliano Campaniello

Head Of Development & Integrations

Pascal Baenninger

Head Of CRM Consulting

René Dallmann

Growth Consultant

Philipp Schirmer

CRM Specialist

Romy Fuchs

CRM Specialist

Yvonne de Jong

Senior CX & CRM Consultant

Toys De Guzman

CRM Specialist

Serhat Şama

Full Stack Developer

Pius Haas

Senior BDR

Diana Klein

Head of Administration

Gilbert Kralinger

Business Development Manager

Adrian Siuda

CRM Specialist

Carina Rieger

Content Manager


Junior Employee Happiness Manager


BEE's headquarters are located in the middle of Zurich, the pulsating heart of Switzerland. But the employees live and work in a wide variety of places, from Zurich, Berne and Basel to Munich, Nuremberg and Berlin.


Seefeldstrasse 231
8008 Zürich

+41 43 33690 00



Bessemerstraße 82
10. OG Süd
12103 Berlin

+41 43 33690 00


Open Positions at BEE: Ready for Transformation?

Life is full of opportunities and twists and turns. Maybe the next one will lead you to us. Whether you're a digital native, a modern nomad or an experienced dude - the main thing is that your driving force is enthusiasm and you want to keep growing personally and professionally. 

"BEE Inbound is a microcosm in which people enjoy moving around, working together with commitment, developing themselves personally - and helping to shape forward-looking services. From this microcosm we want to inspire others to differentiate themselves through an authentic inbound culture. So that the whole world becomes more inbound!"


"For me, inbound means always finding new ways to attract people's attention and to inspire them. I love to explore these ways - in order to be able to use the best-runners for our customers. In a 1A-team! Can't say otherwise."

Head of Marketing | HubSpot Trainer

"At BEE Inbound people come together who are fundamentally different - and yet have one thing in common: They burn for what they do. This encourages initiative and always brings new ideas to light. Independent thinking and the development of one's own strengths - that is what is desired. And where better to do that than in this creative, flexible, free-spirited environment?"

Head of Content & Concept

"It's funny: I became aware of BEE Inbound by myself, so "Inbound" made my way here. A real confirmation for the inbound strategy. It's great that everyone can do what they're really good at here. My thing is to create exceptional results with a lot of bite and endurance. At BEE, this is supported by innovative working methods and constructive cooperation."


"BEE Inbound gives me great creative freedom. The opportunities for development in the field of design promote my own continuous enhancement. New ideas are always welcome and in demand! In this open and flexible working environment, it is great fun to identify visual trends and implement them with the most innovative technologies - together with the BEE team, where new inspirations are constantly being exchanged."

Head of Visual Design

"The basis for success? Set smart goals, derive KPIs from them, regularly measure key figures with a leverage effect on the KPIs, learn from the results - and thus become better and better. "

Teamlead Customer Success

"At BEE, work doesn't feel like work. Ever new challenges make everyday life exciting and turn the learning curve steeply upwards. Each individual in the team is held in high esteem - and here you can be as agile and flexible as the agency itself. It's a perfect fit for me and my life."

Inbound Specialist

"In BEE Inbound I have found a company that supports me in my personality development and gives me a framework for individual achievement. Embedded in a great team in which I can make my contribution as part of the bigger picture. At BEE, personal freedom and teamwork form a unity. I think this is the ideal basis for best results in every respect."

Consultant | Head of Sales

"BEE is forward-looking and lenient - in other words, with a constant eye on the future and extraordinary values in its backbone. Driven by this culture, challenges are fun. As someone who always tries to take a holistic view of marketing, I find that BEE offers me the opportunity to contribute my experience in a variety of ways."

Performance Marketing Specialist

"At BEE, dealing with each other is uncomplicated and open. In this good team atmosphere, transparent and proactive communication, which is very important to me, feels natural. Instead of wasting unnecessary energy, we relieve each other by letting everyone use their personal strengths. It remains exciting, however, because every day brings a new challenge. "

Human Ressources

Die BEE.Performers über BEE

Der Wunsch nach persönlichem Wachstum ist einer der wichtigsten Antriebe aller Menschen bei BEE, und das strahlt aus – auf unsere Kunden, deren Entwicklung und deren Unternehmenswachstum. Ein paar Innenansichten:

Our Team Events

At BEE, we also like to get together outside of working hours.
Whether it's an evening at Lake Zurich, hiking and skiing in the Valais, visiting HubSpot in Dublin or eating and drinking in the many nice restaurants in Munich and Zurich. 


BEE is part of T4V

In cooperation with our partners, we set up well-coordinated, international teams of experts to realise demanding and complex transformation projects.

Time for Value (T4V) provides a strong ecosystem for companies in the digital industry that want to grow quickly and profitably. All partners share the same mindset and core values. 


The strategic partners of BEE


BEE's approach was very structured and well organized. We received very good templates and thus had an excellent basis for copywriting. We were supported by the employees with a lot of expertise and creativity.

We experienced the cooperation as professional, transparent and constructive. The final result exceeded our expectations, especially in terms of the modernity of the design and the dynamism it radiated.


Roberto Pertoldi


Ben Klein and his team were well prepared, very structured and took a detailed look at our market and our company. In the workshops, modern tools were used, the individual participants were picked up and their own views were clearly presented.

The cooperation was extremely collegial, open and efficient. My workload was mainly limited to the workshops and a few meetings between the workshops. Ben Klein knows what he is talking about, he is not a PowerPoint consultant.

The developed gameplan became a central instrument of our marketing, thank you Ben!


Jürg Achermann
FROX communication


As a proven specialist in both classic outbound and web-based inbound marketing, Mr. Klein was excellent at sounding out the potential and needs of our business and adapting our business model to the new requirements in our market.

Thanks to his profound know-how and good intuition to think into other business areas, our cooperation in the workshops turned out to be very efficient and in some areas extremely innovative. New ideas were taken up, critically scrutinized and included in the implementation. The exchange went far beyond typical marketing. Especially managing directors of smaller companies will benefit from this sparring in terms of business development.


Michael Eggimann
Ortho Walker AG


BEE connects the topic "website creation" compellingly with "positioning", and in a way that I have not known from other agencies so far. And in my view, it is precisely this approach that is the key to a successful new website. We have now gone through these positioning workshops together with BEE. The process was intense, crisp, "to the point" and free of typical consultant attitudes. The result proves to us that this approach was the right one, so we also gave the green light for the second part "website creation with BEE".


Clemens Schuler
Biofire Schweiz AG


We took the path from the rough to the detailed together with BEE in several workshops. The approach included a look at the big picture, a clear structure and concrete tasks to achieve the goals efficiently and on time. Thanks to BEE's great understanding of our market and services, long discussions and explanations were unnecessary. The BEE.GAMEPLAN is the essence of how to achieve the goals we have set for the future.


Pascal Schmid
netrics AG


Ben Klein and his team developed a methodology with the BEE.Gameplan that helped us to tackle and solve a whole bundle of different challenges. Thus, the workshops resulted in more than a digital marketing strategy. In less than 3 months, thanks to BEE, we found answers for our new business unit, worked out the positioning, laid down concrete guidelines for digital marketing and got a concept for an inbound ready website! This was only possible thanks to the methodical approach, efficient workshops, open communication, lean organization and up-to-date tools that enabled easy collaboration.

With Ben Klein we also had a forward thinking marketing professional on our side, who with his business acumen and experience always kept the focus on the right topics and brought in new valuable ideas. Many thanks.


Alejandro Schmid
FROX communication


The BEE team has always worked with us in a courteous, competent and expeditious manner. We particularly like the strong results orientation and the focus on efficient technical processes in which the great creative ideas are embedded. This allowed us to create a really cool website that not only brings us a lot of positive feedback, but also new customers! And all this at thoroughly fair conditions for the entire BEE service package.


Beat Fasnacht
Almedica AG


BEE convinced us with a clear structure: In successive workshops, a coherent inbound strategy including website design was developed and subsequently put into practice. The result is convincing and appealingly designed!


Konstantin Lutze


Best Digital Growth Partner in Switzerland. You are ahead of the game...


Marcus Lier
Synpulse Management Consulting


In the intensive workshops, in which the basics and the first details for the gameplan were worked out, both the good ideas of BEE and their critical approach and inputs really helped us. What I particularly liked was that Ben Klein took a serious look at our ideas, but also came up with constructive counter-suggestions and optimizations that would achieve the best result. Within a short time, good first drafts for our website followed and the new pages were structured and implemented very quickly.

The BEE team is very friendly, technically very skilled and always helpful. The collaboration was really fun. We are just as enthusiastic about HubSpot. The software is very intuitive to use and the handling of our customer communication runs efficiently and highly professionally.


Ferdinand Peter
Autowelt Schweiz AG

Transform to Perform

We inspire our customers to turn every challenge into an opportunity - and every opportunity into growth. Our services and all digital solutions for marketing & sales are aimed at: increasing performance and strengthening growth.


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