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Understanding HubSpot’s Upcoming Changes in User Licenses and Pricing

Have you ever found yourself navigating through your HubSpot portal, confidently immersed in your tasks, only to suddenly feel like you're losing your marbles because the layout of a certain feature has shifted, and things seem to have relocated? If you've been a long-time user of the HubSpot CRM, this scenario might sound familiar. Yet, despite the occasional momentary frustration, seasoned users understand that change within HubSpot often heralds positive developments.

The HubSpot CRM is no stranger to evolution, and its dynamic nature is a testament to the continuous improvement efforts undertaken by the development team. Every adjustment, though it might cause a brief disruption, is meticulously crafted to enhance user experience and provide unparalleled utility for each feature. While it can be a tad inconvenient, especially when showcasing functionalities to clients or colleagues, the changes in HubSpot are typically synonymous with progress.

As we enter 2024, our favourite trailblazing CRM provider is once again making waves, this time with significant changes to user licenses and the pricing structure. 

If you’re curious to find out whether any of HubSpot’s pricing changes will affect you, or if you’re looking to invest in the CRM in the coming months, we provide a full breakdown of what’s to come in this blog.

HubSpot's pricing evolution

As HubSpot Diamond Partners, we are privileged to be the first to receive news about any upcoming changes to the platform. This allows us to proactively prepare our clients and adjust our strategies to embrace the advantages of any new or improved features. Over the past year, we’ve seen HubSpot really pull out the stops when it comes to elevating the quality and agility of its software. 

HubSpot’s guiding principles for the new pricing changes

INBOUND 2023 unequivocally outlined HubSpot's future trajectory – a future powered by AI. HubSpot is resolute in integrating this in-demand superpower into its CRM. Since its inception in 2006, HubSpot has consistently showcased a commitment to delivering the most optimised and comprehensive suite of sales, marketing, and customer service tools. The new pricing model for all subscription tiers, effective March 5, 2024, is a pivotal part of that evolutionary journey.

What are the key changes?


Introducing Core and View-only seats

Say hello to two new seat types: Core and View-only. Core seats provide users with edit access to all subscription features, including the Smart CRM and cross-platform AI products. View-only seats are designed for those members of your team who only need to review data within the platform but not edit or change anything.

Per-user pricing for Sales Hub and Service Hub | Professional & Enterprise

The base price and seat minimums for Sales Hub, Service Hub Professional, and Enterprise will be removed, transitioning these products to a per-user pricing model.

Seats in the Starter packages start at $15 per core seat. For Pro and Enterprise Hub subscriptions, you get 3 and 5 Core seats, respectively, in the Marketing and CMS Hub. 

Simplified Starter purchasing

Embark on your HubSpot adventure with a warm welcome! Enjoy the freedom to start for free and grow with five included users. As you step into the Starter level, experience the simplicity of a single seat type—the Core Seat.

HubSpot’s promise to customers

Existing customers should not expect any change or impact with these pricing adjustments. The new pricing will only apply to new customers purchasing on or after March 5, 2024. HubSpot ensures a seamless transition for existing customers, allowing them to continue on legacy pricing or migrate to the new model without an immediate increase in billing.

What should your business know about these changes?

Understanding HubSpot's pricing adjustments is crucial for businesses eager to leverage the software. The introduction of per-seat subscription plans enhances accessibility, providing flexibility and scalability for seamless growth.

On the other hand, businesses with a substantial userbase might experience increased costs. To navigate this, it's vital to implement best practices when granting portal access and determining permission levels. Consulting with an experienced partner can assist in a thorough review of your portal, ensuring optimal selection of individuals for Core or View-only seats.

Making the most of HubSpot with BEE Digital

It's crucial to highlight, especially for our clients and those considering HubSpot for their business, that these changes are indeed quite significant. The 5th of March is a date not to be overlooked, as it marks the end of the availability of free seats with your preferred HubSpot subscription. If you've been contemplating the decision to adopt HubSpot CRM or migrate from your existing CRM, the time to act is now.

BEE is at your service to guide you through these changes and help you optimise your use of HubSpot, ensuring enhanced performance across all areas of your business. HubSpot continues to make strides in capturing a larger share of the CRM market, driven by its commitment to crafting user-friendly technology that fosters organisational growth. The new pricing model is strategically designed to simplify the HubSpot purchasing experience, providing flexibility, scalability, and access to powerful AI features integrated into the Smart CRM.

However, if you have a preference for the old pricing model – which certainly comes with its advantages – it's worth scheduling a consultation with one of our experts. They can assist you in determining the right subscription tier for your business needs and guide you on how to maximise the benefits of your HubSpot CRM. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make informed decisions that align perfectly with your business goals.