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INBOUND 2023: What We Learned

If you’re a HubSpot user or partner, it’s hard to miss all the INBOUND hype every September. For over a decade, leading marketing, sales, and customer success experts have met up in Boston, USA, to discuss, collaborate, and exchange ideas.

This year, HubSpot made its intentions clear: to transform into an AI-first software where AI is smoothly incorporated into each Hub. The aim? To have AI serve as an invaluable assistant, not just a convenient add-on.

If INBOUND 2023 didn’t make it into your calendar this year, however, don’t worry. We've compiled all the essential insights right here to ensure you're up-to-date with HubSpot's latest innovations.

The quick roundup

Before we dissect all the new features that HubSpot revealed at INBOUND 2023, let’s quickly touch on the main themes and our impressions. 

Firstly, it’s clear that AI is taking centre stage — but not in a gimmicky way. Instead, HubSpot is weaving AI into each aspect of the platform to supercharge user experience and help us to work with greater efficiency. You’ll find a consistent effort to keep users on the platform and not hopping from application to application to get a single job done. 

Secondly, having paid close attention to the many talks and insights given at the event, the more traditional aspects of digital marketing still matter, and in a big way. Personalisation is more important than ever. From email to video marketing, bringing your customers on a tailor-made journey just for them is the true differentiator for businesses looking to grow sales and improve retention rates. We also picked up the message that websites are vital, but so is maintaining your social media channels. Start building your audience and establishing a strong brand voice if you want to keep your customers and prospects engaged.   

Now, let’s explore how HubSpot supports these activities with the latest upgrades and additions to the platform.  

AI in content creation

Crafting SEO-optimised content is now a breeze. HubSpot’s AI content assistant aids in generating compelling subject lines, crafting blog outlines, and enhancing your prose. With the integration of ChatGPT and SEMrush Data, HubSpot ensures your content remains in tune with your SEO objectives. 

While we’re on this topic, let’s not get swept away by the wave of progress. Yes, HubSpot is heavily investing in AI-generated content, but the company's top brass and partners also emphasise the importance of maintaining content quality, even with the newfound ability to produce it in bulk!

Amidst the rise of AI-generated content, with one in six UK companies adopting AI, there's a shift in the digital landscape. By prioritising genuine insights, Google may reduce the visibility of such automated content in search results. Moreover, with new Google updates, content creators will face challenges in maintaining their prominence in SERPs. Looking forward, influencer marketing will play an increasingly significant role in SEO, particularly for B2B brands seeking innovative strategies.

Simplified prospecting

Sales teams, rejoice! Introducing a dedicated prospecting workspace. No more switching between systems, tabs and apps. Everything is now streamlined on your favourite platform. HubSpot is making a concerted effort to assist salespeople and simplify daily tasks to free up time for those all-important relationship-building activities.

At the heart of it, the workspace offers:

  • Summary tab: Dive into your prospecting world with the Summary Tab. It neatly lays out what's on your plate, from tasks that need your attention today to those upcoming meetings. Plus, if you're running any sequences, you'll see them here, too.
  • Schedule: Think of this as your digital planner. At a quick look, you can spot if you've double-booked or if that crucial meeting has been confirmed. And if you're wondering about a meeting's specifics? It's all there, right down to the post-meeting notes you might want to add.
  • Activity feed: This is your sales diary from the past year. Every call, email, and touchpoint you've had all in order. And if you need to zero in on a particular activity type or sequence, you can do that too.


No more distractions, just a dedicated space to manage, review, and execute all your tasks. It's clear that HubSpot is placing emphasis on refining the prospecting process, allowing sales teams to not just manage but thrive in their daily operations.

Levelling up lead management

HubSpot has launched a new lead object designed to refine the lead management process, allowing for smoother operations and enhanced lead tracking. In just a few clicks, sales reps can categorise and retrieve their leads, ensuring no opportunities are overlooked. The result? A more collaborative system that effectively directs leads to the appropriate salesperson.

Deep dive sales insights

Navigating sales metrics isn’t always a straightforward affair. However, with Sequence Outcome Reporting and Deal Inspection View, insights are now proactively presented. Evaluate the effectiveness of your outreach campaigns and offer timely support to your squad. The Lead Funnel Report provides a comprehensive view of conversion rates, helping identify potential issues that might hamper the lead nurturing process. For an in-depth look at each deal stage, the Deal Inspection View offers clarity on the factors driving results.

Prognosen für die Zukunft

In der unberechenbaren Welt des Vertriebs sind verlässliche Prognosetools ein entscheidender Faktor. HubSpot hat dies erkannt und seinen Hub verbessert, indem es Vertriebsteams mit hochmodernen Tools ausstattet, um die weitere Entwicklung besser vorhersagen zu können. Tauche mit Forecast Insights tief in deine Umsatztrends ein. Die KI entwickelt hier einen magischen Touch, der punktgenaue Prognosen ermöglicht. Dann gibt es noch das Forecast Accuracy Tracking - ein zuverlässiger Kompass, der den Teams bei der Feinabstimmung ihrer Prognosen hilft. Ausserdem erhältst du durch einen Blick auf alle Vertriebspipelines einen vollständigen Überblick darüber, wohin sich dein Umsatz entwickeln könnte, was die Planung und Strategieentwicklung deutlich erleichtert.

Kein Deal bleibt ungeprüft

Aussergewöhnliche Vertriebsmitarbeiter sind in der Regel diejenigen, die die kleinsten Details erkennen können. Das Enhanced Deal Management von HubSpot bietet einen mikroskopischen Blick auf alle Details eines Deals. Der Deal Funnel Report visualisiert den Geschäftsverlauf in ultrahoher Auflösung und zeigt potenzielle Fallstricke und Chancen auf. Deal Journey Analytics dient als Fahrplan, der dich durch jeden kritischen Entscheidungspunkt führt. Es gibt auch Deal Tags - sehr nützlich, um Prioritäten zu setzen und aus erstklassigen Gelegenheiten Kapital zu schlagen. Tauche tief ein, entwickle eine intelligente Strategie und stelle sicher, dass dir keine lukrativen Geschäfte entgehen.


AI talk aside, HubSpot made one thing clear at this year’s INBOUND event: Relationships matter! If you’re worried about a bot taking over your job, rest assured that that’s not the plan. AI is here to complement and support what you do. Those who leverage HubSpot’s new features in thoughtful, impactful ways will harness the power of valuable content and personalisation. So, here's to continuous innovation and evolution. And amidst the technological advancements, let's not forget our human touch.