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BEE Digital Growth Blog: Inbound Marketing

How to Use Schema Markup to Improve Your Blog Posts

Manuela Krapf | 8 Dec 2022

When working hard to produce and publish awesome content, you want to give it every opportunity to reach the intended audience. Visitors to your website should engage ...

reading time: 8min

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GDPR-compliant website despite Google Fonts

Romy Fuchs | 2 Dec 2022

We all love the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ... or not. It makes it difficult for website operators and marketers to access the data of potential customers ...

reading time: 3min

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How to Clean Data in HubSpot with the Operations Hub

Romy Fuchs | 17 Nov 2022

Without a clean database, your marketing campaigns, reports and deals will lead to skewed figures and questionable estimations - a little counterproductive when you ...

reading time: 7min

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How We Solve the Challenges of Personnel Service Providers

Bülent Paradiso | 10 Nov 2022

From the "Great Resignation" to "Quiet Quitting" and now "Mass Layoffs", the last few years have presented a whirlwind of challenges to personnel service providers. ...

reading time: 11min

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HubSpot Certification: Which should you complete as a marketer?

Katrin Zimmermann | 6 Oct 2022

Amongst the many reasons to choose HubSpot’s CRM for your business, the HubSpot Academy has to be one of the biggest selling points. Businesses that operate in the ...

reading time: 8min

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How to Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy for Manufacturers

Ben Klein | 29 Sep 2022

Are you a manufacturing business interested in modernising your marketing to get better results? Are you starting to realise that the old-school promotional methods are ...

reading time: 8min

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HubSpot Reporting: Best Practices and Things You Must Know

Romy Fuchs | 15 Sep 2022

Sales and marketing reports are powerful tools you can rely on when making essential business decisions and planning for the future. Each campaign you launch opens the ...

reading time: 10min

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How to Uncover Your Customer's Key Pain Points

Manuela Krapf | 7 Jul 2022

In inbound marketing, we talk a lot about "pain points". But what exactly are they? Why are they so important? What's the danger in focusing on the wrong pain point?

reading time: 9min

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Which HubSpot Marketing Hub is right for me? Free vs Starter vs Pro vs Enterprise

Cindy Hameed | 17 Mar 2022

Are you searching for marketing software? It's 2022, and without the right kit to implement your digital marketing strategy, you may be at a serious disadvantage. Of ...

reading time: 12min

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