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What are HubSpot Payments Alternatives for the DACH Market?

HubSpot Payments is an end-to-end payment solution that helps businesses offer a top-notch customer experience (CX). The benefit of this tool is that it enables quick payment processing for non-physical goods, subscriptions and retainers, helping you drive faster conversions when, for example, when sending quotes by including an embedded payment link.

Secure, intuitive and in line with what your customers expect when shopping online in 2023, this payment solution is precisely what HubSpot users have been waiting for. As a natively integrated feature in your HubSpot CRM, the payment tool speeds up the digital payment process. It provides your team with new, valuable data about recent purchases and payment activities, meaning you can further leverage HubSpot's automation features.

You're probably thinking, "Great! How do I get started?" 

Well, if you're in the USA, you should have no problem taking advantage of HubSpot Payments. Unfortunately, however, HubSpot Payments isn't available to DACH region HubSpot users yet. 

The good news is that you don't have to wait to modernise your payment processes. HubSpot's integrations provide great payment alternatives that deliver similar results to the native version, and we can help you get started.

HubSpot Payment alternatives with BEE

Ultimately, even if it was available in the DACH region, the HubSpot Payments tool may not be suitable for your business as it doesn't yet cater for the sale of physical goods. And this is where BEE comes in. With our extensive knowledge of the HubSpot platform and insight into third-party applications and integrations, we can help you select a payment solution that aligns with an effective digital growth strategy. 

Let's look at the payment alternatives that may fit your DACH region company's requirements.


DepositFix is a payments and compliance platform designed to reduce the complexity of payment processing for businesses. It works with HubSpot to enable companies to accept any payment method on their websites, giving them access to more customers and creating tangible returns for their business. 

DepositFix integrates with HubSpot's CRM and eCommerce tools, making it easy for businesses to take payments from customers, manage refunds, track fraud attempts, approve transactions faster and save time by automating reconciliation processes. The result? Less time spent on administration and manual processes; more time for running and scaling your business. 

DepositFix boasts bank-level security. With this solution, you can integrate HubSpot with Stripe and PayPal and accept more payments than ever before, leveraging the HubSpot Forms feature for better conversion rate tracking.


Stripe integration for HubSpot quotes is an efficient way to manage client payments. It enables you to generate professional quotes quickly and easily, then process payments with Stripe for both one-time invoices and recurring subscription payments — just be mindful that if your customer requires an invoice with VAT numbers and full company details, this is only featured on recurring payment invoices.

With the HubSpot-Stripe integration, you can customise the payment form to include any information you need, then securely store customer credit card details so that your clients don't have to re-enter them every time they make a payment. This ensures seamless checkout experiences while also providing necessary security measures. 

Your sales reps will enjoy a simplified payment process when firing off quotes without having to communicate back and forth with finance gatekeepers in your business. In addition, if you're keen to use HubSpot Smart Content to bring more relevant messages into your customer's inbox, this integration helps you stay on top of customer activity and personalise emails according to the customer's latest purchase activity.

Check out the HubSpot Knowledge Hub to ensure that your required currencies are supported.

Zapier - for PayPal-HubSpot integration

Zapier is an exceptional tool that enables you to connect thousands of popular applications with HubSpot — no code skills required. If PayPal makes sense for your business, you can set up a straightforward integration with HubSpot using Zapier as your middleware. You'll pick one of the apps as the trigger to initiate the automation and then choose the action that the other app needs to perform. This integration allows businesses to automate their payment processes, making it faster and easier for customers to pay for products and services. 

By using Zapier for the HubSpot-PayPal integration, companies can facilitate payments while keeping track of billing information in one place. Using Zapier will ensure that companies have access to timely and accurate payment data, which they can then use to make better decisions about process optimisation and development.

The integration allows customers to quickly make payments on your website by clicking the PayPal "Buy Now" button; a fast entry of the buyer's login details means they can effortlessly make their purchase. It also assures them that the transaction is safe through a redirected Paypal dialogue box. 

PayPal allows you to send branded invoices and is an excellent solution for various payment types ranging from subscriptions, recurring payments, memberships or just standard one-time payments.

What's the right payment option for your DACH region business?

Not every payment solution is right for your business and its customers. BEE can work with you to choose a tool that fits your budget and satisfies your customers' preferences and concerns around trust and safety.

Although some HubSpot features may not always be available in your region, the platform's creators go to great lengths to provide useful alternatives that can easily be applied through simple integrations. 

Download our free Guide to HubSpot Integrations and see what else is possible when you combine the power of HubSpot with other top-class applications. The BEE team is ready to support you on your journey to strategic growth and improved performance through careful selection and implementation of the right technologies for your business. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.