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How to Optimise Your Subject Line to Generate More Conversions

Sometimes, a subject line is the only chance you get to make an impression. Over 347 billion emails are exchanged every day, competing for a spot in crowded inboxes. According to studies, nearly 47% of recipients decide whether to open an email based solely on the subject line, highlighting its pivotal role in email marketing. Think about your own inbox. How often do emails end up in the trash without being opened simply because the subject line didn't hit home?
Mehr Conversions durch optimierte Betreffzeilen

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Effective email subject lines are a fusion of creativity and strategy, designed to pique curiosity, address pain points, and resonate with the reader. Applying strategy to each subject line can help to increase open rates, click-through rates, and, most importantly, conversions.

In this article, we're going to share the strategies we use to create attention-grabbing subject lines that ensure recipients click "Open" when something from BEE lands in their inbox. 

What makes a good email subject line?

Was macht eine gute Betreffzeile aus?

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Subject lines are, of course, subjective. What captures the attention of some recipients may be totally irrelevant for another group of individuals. That's why you should always start with a clear view of your buyer persona. The language you use, the topic you choose to talk about and the personality you inject into your subject line has to be reflective of your brand and must resonate with the target audience. To unpack this a little more, here is what good subject lines should be:

1. Creative and relevant

As most content writers will tell you, a balance between creativity and relevance is essential. Your subject line should hint at the content of your email and spark curiosity. It's a chance to inject some personality without, of course, veering away from what the email is actually about.

2. Focused on the prospect

What are your prospect's needs, challenges and interests? Tailor your subject line to appeal to their pain points and aspirations. Show the value your solution can provide. Demonstrate an understanding of your customer. 

3. Concise and clear

Attention spans are fickle these days. Long, windy subject lines packed with filler words are less likely to engage the recipient. Keep your message clear, brief and to the point. 

4. Personalised 

This goes hand in hand with point two. Thanks to CRMs like HubSpot, you can hyperpersonalise emails with tokens to include the recipient's name and even reference their preferences. 

5. Urgent 

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is real, and there's no harm in using this to your advantage. Highlight limited-time offers, exclusive opportunities or time-sensitive information to trigger an immediate response or action.

Industry-specific examples of awesome subject lines

Could any of these ignite some ideas for your next subject line?

Email type & Industry

Example subject line

Cold Outreach Email 
(Marketing Consultancy)

Transform Your Brand Today - Let's Ignite Success!

Follow-Up Email 
(Tech Startup)

Ready for Round Two? Let's Build Something Extraordinary!

Lead Nurturing Email 
(Fashion & Lifestyle)

Elevate Your Style, [Name]: Your Personal Fashion Are Here

Product/Service Promotion Emails (Gourmet Food Delivery)

Savor Joy: 20% Off Delicious Dining Delights!

Re-engagement Emails 
(Fitness App)

Get Back on Track: Let's Crush Goals Together!

Abandoned Cart/Checkout Reminder (Online Retail)

Don't Miss Out: Complete Purchase for Exclusive Savings!

Upselling / Cross-Selling Email 
(Travel & Adventure)

Upgrade Your Adventure: Unlock Premium Experiences Now

Win-Back Email 
(Music Streaming)

Rediscover Music: Dive Back into your Playlist

Announcement and Update Email (Financial Services)

Introducing Cutting-Edge Analytics! Next-Level Insights Await

ChatGPT: You've got a friend in AI

ChatGPT: Künstliche Intelligenz ist dein Freund!

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Want in on a little secret? The subject line examples we shared in the previous section were written by ChatGPT. By analysing data, understanding trends and generating creative ideas, AI empowers you to craft stand-out subject lines. Because, let's face it, the subject line is often the hardest part of the email! 

Use ChatGPT to drum up a long list of fantastic suggested subject lines. Simply follow these steps: 

  1. Set context: Introduce the email's purpose, recipient, and goals in a concise prompt.

  2. Specify style: Mention the tone and style you desire, whether it's professional, witty, or urgent.

  3. Invoke creativity: Request ChatGPT to generate subject line options, focusing on brevity (6-10 words) for optimal impact.

  4. Review and refine: Receive a list of AI-generated suggestions. Handpick ones that resonate and refine them to align with your brand.

  5. Implement and test: Incorporate the chosen subject lines into your email campaigns and observe open rates and engagement soar.

  6. Iterate: Experiment, learn, and fine-tune as you uncover the sweet spot for captivating subject lines.

The subject line tactics we use

Okay, so far, we've talked about the importance of powerful subject lines, the elements that make up a good subject line and how you can use ChatGPT to power up your subject line writing engine. 

Now, let's dive deeper into the tactics that we use when creating our own captivating subject lines.  

  1. Ask engaging questions: Evoke curiosity and encourage interaction by posing thought-provoking questions in your subject lines. Take an interesting angle on the recipient’s goal or problem.  For example:

    Have you thought about solving X with Y?

  2. Harness the power of intrigue: Humans are naturally curious and often very competitive. Allude to some secret insights that you may be able to share.

    Unveiled: What Your Competitors Don't Want You To Know

  3. Infuse personalisation: Weave recipient's names or personalised details into subject lines to create an immediate and relatable connection.

    Hey [Recipient's Name], Discover Tailored Strategies for Your Growth

  4. Use psychological triggers: Employ psychological techniques like scarcity, urgency, and exclusivity to trigger action and engagement.

    Last Chance: Exclusive [Limited Offer] Ends Tonight!

  5. Embrace the unexpected: Surprise your audience with unexpected subject lines that break the monotony and stand out in cluttered inboxes.

    Warning: You're Leaving Money on the Table

  6. Evoke emotions: Stir emotions by using emotional triggers that resonate with your audience's desires, fears, or aspirations.

    Guarding What Matters Most: A Promise of Financial Security

  7. Simplify for impact: Sometimes, simplicity speaks volumes. Try sending an email with a one-word subject line. 


  8. Create a sense of exclusivity: Craft subject lines that make recipients feel part of an exclusive club or opportunity.

    Invitation Only: Join the [Elite Innovators Network]

  9. Mirror your audience's language: Reflect your target audience's language and preferences in your subject lines to build an immediate connection.

    Your Ultimate Gig Awaits: Score Tickets for [Artist] Live!

  10. Always send a break-up email: If you just can’t get a response from a lead, it’s incredibly important to send a break-up email. A graceful farewell while leaving the door open for reconnection is a very powerful tactic. A great subject line could make all the difference. 

    Is This Goodbye, or Just a Break?

Lead-gen-as-a-Service for your business

Subject lines can be the catalyst for meaningful connections and conversations. Now that you know what goes into a conversion-driving subject line, let's take things even further. Let's bring the power of insights, automation and optimisation into your inbound lead strategy. At BEE Digital, we don't just offer services; we provide solutions that drive results. 

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