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Paid Media: What you can expect from us

Are we the team for you?

We'll get you on the first page of Google! Trust us; we're the experts!
There are plenty of paid media "specialists" out there, all promising the moon and the stars. But what really happens after you sign on the dotted line and start paying for their service?

Many businesses walk away from paid media, having been stung by the high cost and underwhelming results. We really hope that's not you! But, if you have had a bad experience, we'd really love the opportunity to show you what professionalism, a data-based strategy, and up-to-date expertise can do for your profit margins when using paid media.

Pick a credible paid media partner

When you join forces with the BEE.Team, you get so much more than an outsourced marketing service. We become your partner. Your goals and priorities become our goals and priorities, and we do our best to understand the ins and outs of your company so that we can set KPIs and targets that make a genuine impact on your business growth.

We're successful in what we do because we work with facts and data. That's why we'd rather have the difficult conversations that help you to progress, instead of pushing half-baked ideas that seem more like a gamble and less of a strategy devised by someone who has your company's best interests in mind.

Our experts are knowledgeable and well-versed on the platforms that we engage with, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. We don't perform mysterious magic tricks that only marketing gurus would understand; instead, we share our know-how with you and have open and honest conversations about what we're doing so that expectations always remain realistic and goals attainable.

Our full suite of services provide you with the resources and expertise you need to make extraordinary things happen without having to add an entire in-house team to your payroll.

We'll help you reach your buyers with an omnichannel paid ad approach

Where are your people? You know, the ones that are ready to pay for your goods and services. Sometimes, it feels safer to invest in one channel ( such as Facebook ) to "just see how things go". But this may mean that you're automatically excluding a large part of your audience by not targeting them through the platforms and channels they interact with—the result: disappointment and frustration. Another PPC investment that brought no conversions, right?

The inbound methodology is all about testing and optimising to ensure that you find your ideal customers and then nudge them along the buyer's journey through the most impactful channels. Those ready-to-purchase folks need to somehow move from point A to B.

Don't miss out on opportunities by getting hung up on one platform. Our team will use an omnichannel approach that ensures your budget is distributed amongst a combination of platforms to maximise the outcome, rather than leaving your buyers stuck at the awareness stage of the sales funnel. It's a little bit like a game of billiards; when angled correctly, your cue stick can help one ball bump several others to roll into the pocket –– which is kind of a nice pun when you think about it.

Meet your BEE team

Are you ready for a top-class partnership? BEE's Britta Hofmann, Florian Schneider and Sebastian Wieser will bring a collection of paid media and performance expertise to your campaigns, ensuring that you're primed for success. With a wealth of knowledge, proven track record and all the necessary certifications and qualifications, you can rest assured that your brand is in good hands.

Our work for you is never enigmatic. We use a sophisticated growth calculation to give you a practical forecast of the results we expect to achieve and the timeframe we're aiming to do that in. This acts as a non-binding estimate to help keep things on course and provides an indication of how we expect your paid media campaign to perform.

How much should you budget?

Marketing and all the activities that fall within this department have a cost – that's not surprising, as long as they deliver value and return on investment, right?

Your paid advertising campaigns will be affected by a number of factors. What industry are you in? Who's your target audience? What are your competitors ranking for? Depending on your product or service, you may find that the cost of paid ads is also affected by seasonality.

We'll make it our mission to understand all of these things about your business so that we can come up with a strategy that generates the best possible results within the parameters of your budget. Your goals have to be proportionate to the investment you're able to make. We'll work closely with you to calculate an offer that’s tailored to your requirements and is based on valid data from the research and testing we perform during the initial phase of our partnership. If your objective is to generate leads, we'll recommend an always-on campaign, enabling us to continuously optimise and ensure you're gaining momentum.

Typically, the cost per campaign ( adgroup), per platform, per day is around CHF 50. This totals at CHF 1.500 per month, on average. Two campaigns on LinkedIn and one on Google Search will be around CHF 4.500 per month.

We're also happy to design our pricing model according to your needs, more specifically by offering an agreed flat rate which factors in our hourly rate or a setup fee that's estimated in accordance with the size of the project.

Updates, meetings and communication

Through experience, we know that each individual client has their preference when it comes to meetings. We know you're busy, so we take a flexible approach centred around your needs and budget.

Our team will keep you updated with progress and results. We're always on the other end of an email and happy to talk things through with you.

Are you ready to work with BEE?

When it comes to paid media, you need an ally. Someone that's as invested in your success as you are. The BEE.Team is focused on accelerating business growth through trusted methodology that brings the results you expect without compromising your brand's integrity –– no blackhat marketing tricks here.

Our portfolio includes some of the most loved brands, and we're happy to share testimonials and real feedback from our customers to provide that extra peace of mind you may need when making an investment in paid media.

The expectations and agreements we lay out at the start of our partnership will act as the foundation for each initiative we undertake to ensure that your paid ads perform in the way you want them to. And when you're ready to scale up, we'll be there too!

Start the conversation with one of our experts today, and let's see what paid media can do for your business when combined with our power-house marketers and paid media professionals.