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How to know you've already outgrown HubSpot Sales Hub Starter

HubSpot's Sales Software tiers are designed to provide you with the tools you need when you need them. As your team begins to integrate the software's features into its sales process and starts experiencing the benefits, business will increase, and revenue will grow. To keep the momentum going, it's important to monitor your requirements and ensure the software supports you adequately. 

So, is it time to move on from your HubSpot Sales Starter package and start using Pro? Let's take a look…

Who is HubSpot Sales Hub Starter for?

This package is all about great value and affordability. The Starter tier is the perfect entry if you're at the fledgling stages of introducing a CRM into your business processes. 

The modest pricing won't give you sleepless nights wondering whether the money you've spent will deliver ROI – particularly if you're dealing with a team that typically puts up a fight when it comes to the adoption of new technologies and processes. 

Perhaps, as random spurts of growth have occurred, you've taken a day-by-day approach to tackling challenges; you're relying on manual processes and spreadsheets to store and monitor data, and you know that this leaves you exposed to the occasional (or frequent) mishap. Eventually, all the friction points in this higgledy-piggledy system will start to flare up, and that's a sure-fire sign that the HubSpot Starter tier is a perfect solution to revolutionise and streamline your processes so that you can gain some control of your pipeline and bring everything into view. 

If you're a small, growing team that needs a better way to manage sales materials and kick start a more focused sales strategy, then Starter is for you. Equally, if you're happy with where you're at and aren't looking to grow your business further in the near future, then you may not need an upgrade. 

The key extras that HubSpot Sales Professional offers


Workflows help to make your sales pipeline slick and highly sophisticated. With Pro, you can use form submissions to trigger marketing email workflows that target your leads more effectively.  


Unlimited, customisable reporting and a single dashboard to manage all key activities.

Smart notifications

Prioritise your most important leads with smart notifications. Thanks to HubSpot's AI, your sales team can get in touch with the leads that are most ready to buy.

Sales email recommendations

View a personalisation score to ensure that your emails always come across as authentic and targeted to the specific recipient.

Email open and click notifications

Understand which email templates and sequences are most effective with this feature –– gain insight into what's getting opened and driving further actions so that you can optimise your campaigns.

More templates, documents and calling minutes

HubSpot Sales Pro offers nearly unlimited access with 1000 email templates and documents per user per month. You'll also have 2000 minutes of calling – a significant upgrade from the free and starter versions.


Email sequencing allows you to apply personalised and shareable templates to your most powerful and frequently sent sales emails. You can automate follow up emails with your prospects and use email tracking to measure effectiveness.

The impact of HubSpot Sales Hub Pro

Every business wants to reach a point where the sales process ticks along like clockwork. This will give your sales team more time to develop their skills and techniques, prospect for new opportunities, and strategise on new ways to drive conversions and grow the business.

You want maximum output for all the effort and investment you're making, and that's precisely what Sales Pro gives you. Alongside more insightful reporting and analytics, you're also getting a level of automation that will bring a more sophisticated and efficient way of managing your leads and sales.

The information and data you gather becomes much easier to act upon. For example, when a lead enters a funnel, actions are automatically triggered to a) notify your sales team about the lead and b) ensure that the lead is nurtured and directed through the journey in an optimal manner. This will help you manage leads sequentially and keep potential buyers engaged and plugged into your value proposition. 

How to know if you're ready for the HubSpot Sales Pro upgrade?

Your sales team has dropped a hint…or two

Start by asking the people who use the software: your sales team! If their needs have expanded beyond just the necessity to monitor the sales pipeline, then it may be time for an upgrade. The fact that your sales team is also highlighting the current limitations or prompting you for an upgrade is a positive sign; it means they're now invested and engaged with the software and can see the benefit, also serving as a good indicator that it's time to upgrade.

You need customised reports 

The rate at which your business is expanding may mean that your sales team needs a faster way of picking out very specific data from your reports. Pro will give you access to customised reporting and analytics tools that let you scan through the data you need in seconds.

You can feel the growth

When you began your HubSpot journey with Starter, it made sense. Your sales team was of a certain size, and you only had a limited budget. Now, however, you're getting more income, and your team is expanding. You're at the point where you need to reinvest some of that profit into the business to accelerate into the next level of growth for your company.


If you're an ambitious company that has very specific growth targets in the coming months and years, then you probably know that the HubSpot Starter Hub was your first step on the ladder; it checks all the boxes to help you align your processes and bring a smarter level of organisation into your company. 

Sales Pro is for businesses that are ready to jump out of the starting blocks and move into a new league. Of course, you don't want to commit to a monthly fee if you're not entirely certain that you'll benefit from all the tools and features that Sales Pro provides. To help you make a confident decision for your business and ensure you have the best solution for your needs, speak to BEE. We're certified HubSpot partners with in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the software. We'll assess your current position and help you determine exactly what your sales team needs to make your goals attainable and ensure you purchase a HubSpot tier that matches your requirements.