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As a performance-oriented, full-service inbound agency, we maximise the growth of medium-sized companies. We help you with your results-focused digital marketing & sales campaigns.


Goals achieved within 12 months


For whom is BEE.Campaign suitable?

If you are facing one of the following challenges, you are a good match for BEE - and our marketing, sales and recruiting campaigns are a good match for you. All campaigns are designed to fit perfectly and tailored to the desired output - cross-media and across all Buyer Stages.


Online campaigns for this stage include all campaign activities to generate attention. Depending on the intention, new products are presented, event visitors are generated, online visibility is increased, the brand image is strengthened, etc.


At this stage, the objective of the campaigns is completion. Lead nurturing and marketing automation campaigns generate highly qualified leads that are automatically delivered to sales. If appropriate, a supplemental direct approach via social media is used.


The process of converting website visitors to leads is accelerated across all Buyer Stages. The activities include increasing the conversion rate, lead qualification, sales support and customer reactivation.


Digital delight campaigns close the circle. The collection of high-quality ratings and statements from satisfied customers and employees, support from influencers, and increasing customer satisfaction are the focus of the campaign objectives.

Your campaigns - designed for strong output

Creative ideas, visual design, content, coding, distribution, success control: You decide whether you take over all services, whether you contribute some part yourself, or if we will launch your campaign in full service: Done by you, Done with you, Done for you. If you wish, we can also implement these campaigns directly in your Hubspot portal.

Let's go, now! The complete steps towards your campaign go-live

Digital campaigns are part of our full-service concept. We do our best every day to inspire you with a simultaneously creative and performance-oriented conception and implementation. All so that you can achieve your corporate goals.


Step 1: Conception

In the first step, we create the concept of your digital campaign and discuss it with your team: goals, KPIs, personas, channels, core messages, content, conversions, campaign stages, roadmap, timelines, responsibilities, A/B versions.

Step 2: Production

All BEE skills are required for production: creative ideas, top design, content (video, text, infographics) and coding. Experienced project managers control all participants, and if desired, also your team, your agencies and freelancers. The focus is on efficient production and rapid go-live. Depending on the platform and tools you use, we take over the production directly in your systems or set up the necessary applications for you.


Step 3: Go-Live & Distribution

Whether a campaign becomes a success or a failure depends strongly on its distribution. We plan the distribution of your content and core messages across all channels - cross-media if desired and where appropriate. In addition, we take care of the commitment of your target audience and your employees, in order to achieve maximum reach.

Step 4: Success control & optimisation

Immediately after the go-live, we check the defined KPIs and start the ongoing optimisation of your digital campaign. With our success monitoring, goals and KPI dashboards, we ensure that you achieve your campaign goals and learn from them to perfect current and future campaigns.


What does a marketing, sales, recruiting campaign cost?

Which budget you should plan for your digital campaign depends on several factors: Number of languages, duration, markets, platform, tools, design requirements - and also your cooperation and internal resources. We will give you a first clue here. Performance-dependent compensation is possible.


Suitable for:
Small SMBs or start-ups, low budget, internal resources for content and if necessary design/coding.

Conditions: Done by you
Monolingual German or English, content is delivered by you, with intensive cooperation required from you. We take over the conception and the success monitoring. You take over production, project management and distribution.

min. 3 months

CHF/EUR2000 per month

Suitable for:
Medium-sized SMEs or start-ups, limited budget, internal resources available for content and possibly design/coding.

Conditions: Done with you
Monolingual German or English, content is partly delivered by you, medium cooperation required from you. We take over the conception, production, distribution, success monitoring and project management. You will be responsible for sub-tasks of production and distribution.

min. 3 months

CHF/EUR4000 per month

Suitable for:
Medium to large SMEs or start-ups, budget with cost ceiling, no internal resources available for production and distribution.

Conditions: Done for you
Multilingual, content is delivered by us, with little cooperation required from you. We take over the conception, production, distribution, success control and project management. You take over approvals and inputs for various correction loops.

12 months

on request

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