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Transform to Perform

We digitalise and automate marketing, sales and service

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netrics logo, IT service provider
Tecan logo, lab automation
Vontobel logo, financial services
DQS GmbH logo, foreign trade and international development
Google Cloud logo, cloud computing services
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Digital growth solutions

We implement digital solutions for marketing, sales and service. We support innovative companies in penetrating future markets with an outstanding digital customer experience (CX).

We rely on our proven and scalable growth frameworks and are continuously increasing the use of automation and artificial intelligence (AI).

Strategy & Conception


  • Digital sales strategy
  • LeadGen / ABS campaigns
  • Sales automation roadmap
  • Lead management concepts
  • Growth TechStack design
  • Integration concepts


  • Digital sales strategy
  • LeadGen / ABS campaigns
  • Sales automation roadmap
  • Lead management concepts
  • Growth TechStack design
  • Integration concepts

Customer Experience

  • CX research
  • Customer journey design
  • Customer service concept

Operations & Growth Frameworks

Growth Frameworks

  • Implementation Growth Frameworks
  • Inbound Marketing Campaigns
  • Paid Media Campaigns
  • Lead Nurturing Campaigns
  • ABM / ABS Campaigns
  • Outbound / Outreach Campaigns
  • Implementation Growth Performance

Automation & KI

  • Marketing Automation OS
  • Sales Automation OS
  • Service Automation OS
  • Data Quality OS


  • Websites/Web platforms
  • UX Design
  • SEO/SEA Management
  • Campaign Management

Technologies & Integrations


  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Pipedrive

Marketing Automation

  • HubSpot
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Evalanche
  • Marketo


  • HubSpot
  • Typo3
  • WordPress
  • Tealium
  • Adobe RTCDP
  • Twilio Segment

Our top tech stack expertise

HubSpot logo, marketing and sales software
Salesforce logo, customer relationship management
Dynamics 365 logo, enterprise resource planning
Marketo logo, marketing automation
Evalanche logo, email marketing software
Jira logo, project management software
Slack logo, business communication

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About BEE Digital

Digital CX Strategists, Digital Marketers, UX Designers, Growth Consultants, Solution Architects, and Developers: motivated professionals at BEE with first-class expertise develop and implement your digital solutions for a seamless customer experience across marketing, sales, and service.

Zurich & Stuttgart

25+ Team

100+ Projects

250+ Network

Strategic Industry Focus, Outstanding Results

Thanks to successful projects in these industries, we are intimately familiar with the challenges companies face. We have developed comprehensive growth solutions to transform marketing, sales, and service, as well as map the entire digital journey of customers and partners.

  • IT Service Providers
  • Manufacturers
  • SaaS Companies
  • Consultants
  • Personnel Service Providers
  • Banks & Insurances
  • Software Providers


Conventional sales strategies no longer work. Rapid digitalisation, increased competition and the social changes of recent years are presenting IT service providers with new challenges.


IT service providers need to stand out with a modern and fresh design as well as a good user experience (UX). The focus is on lead generation and an entry page on which the positioning is immediately recognisable.

Computer monitor showing a business website, highlighting online presence and digital marketing.

+40% visibility
+818% inbound leads
-92% CAC (acquisition costs)



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BEE is the professional partner we were looking for for the relaunch of our digital marketing with HubSpot. Pragmatically focussing on the essentials, BEE enabled us to achieve clearly measurable, improved results in record time.

Urs Wermelinger, VP Marketing & Partner, CYCL AG


In recent years, the information behaviour of customers and their interaction with companies has changed permanently. Traditional sales activities are increasingly losing efficiency and are not suitable for digital channels.


Production companies need to address various stakeholder groups with their website and clearly communicate their differentiating positioning - in text and images. The focus is on lead generation and a clear UX in order to guide visitors through the website in a targeted manner.

Computer monitor displaying an office interior design website with a modern conference room.


+22% growth in 12 months
+31% sales from existing customers
+8 NPS (Net Promoter Score)



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Looking back, only good impressions remain. Wherever we show our new website, we get great feedback - the appealing design combined with well-structured content is convincing across the board.

Thomas Haller, Sales Manager, EICHENBERGER GEWINDE AG


Ongoing demand generation, constant momentum and the simultaneous implementation of scalable processes: The way in which SaaS companies tackle these challenges significantly determines their success. This is where the leaders differ from the laggards.


SaaS companies must clearly differentiate themselves with a differentiating positioning and implement a simple buyer's journey. The focus is on the product, the value proposition and maximising the conversion rate.

A computer screen displaying restaurant guide website with food images


+1020% landing page conversion
+66% MQL to SQL conversion
-90 days for a new GTM strategy



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With the help and direction from BEE we successfully implemented a data driven lead scoring system customised to our needs. Our sales teams now know exactly which leads to touch and we realised stunning efficiency wins and conversion rate improvement.

Joël L. Capt, Head of Growth, BEEKEEPER.IO


In order to benefit from the increased demand in the management consultancy sector, consultants must have a clear positioning and a unique customer experience on the market.


Consultancy firms need to stand out with a modern and fresh design and a good user experience (UX). The focus is on lead generation and attracting talent.

Monitor displaying the BEE website with Growth As A Service message



4x more qualified enquiries
14h labour savings through automation
+8 Net Promoter Score



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Thanks to BEE's great understanding of our market and our services, there was no need for lengthy discussions and explanations. The BEE.GAMEPLAN is the essence of how we intend to achieve the goals we have set ourselves in the future.

Pascal Schmid, CEO, Netrics AG


Traditional recruitment and sales strategies no longer work. Rapid digitalisation, increasing competition and the social changes of recent years are presenting personnel service providers with new challenges.


Recruitment service providers must not only stand out through clear and sharp positioning, but also through a modern design and an intuitive user experience (UX). The focus is on generating leads from customers as well as talent.

Monitor displaying business efficiency services with a focus on IT solutions and consulting



4x more leads within 6 months
-55% CAC (acquisition costs)
30 days for HubSpot implementation and launch of the first lead campaign



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BEE understood our concerns straight away and provided us with dedicated support. The team's commitment is just as outstanding as the result. Thanks to a strategically planned roadmap, we were able to achieve quick wins that motivate us to do more. 

Thomas Lang, Managing Partner, SFOUR Consulting AG

The rapid development of FinTech, strict regulations and the social changes of recent years are presenting banks with new challenges.

Banks and insurance companies can no longer rest on their brand and reputation.

Banks and insurance companies need to develop efficient digital strategies for lead generation and ensure an end-to-end digital customer experience (CX). We help to identify and implement a PoC to achieve an exceptional CX.

Monitor displaying a Bank homepage featuring a digital event announcement, currency perspectives, and market updates



Implementation PoC within 90 days
+37% more leads
8+ NPS in 180 days


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We wanted to achieve efficient data management through effective marketing automation. The processes were to be significantly simplified and our lead data was to be successfully converted into leads. We have had a constructive relationship with BEE as an agency for many years and I have already completed several successful projects with Ben Klein. Due to the high level of trust, we were able to work together without hesitation despite the high demands of a bank. The result: we now have a highly efficient CRM for data management, the follow-up processes are automated - and the conversion is massively successful. It couldn't be better.

Roger Feller, Leiter Digital Marketing & Communities, Raiffeisen Bank

Software providers have to bring their products to market faster and faster.

Rapid digitalisation, increasing competition, a lack of systematisation and inefficient use of resources are presenting software providers and channel partners with new challenges.

By providing knowledge, strategy templates and campaign frameworks for channel partners, we help to generate leads quickly and efficiently in order to continuously develop new customers and markets.

+818% more inbound leads
2x more leads from your own campaigns
100% more efficiency


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The clear aim was to achieve greater visibility and generate more traffic. We also want to be even more flexible in the digital sector in future. As a leading Swiss Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we know that a high partner status requires a high level of expertise. As BEE is a Diamond HubSpot partner, we had an initial level of trust and the price-performance ratio also sounded very interesting to us. Our high expectations were met during the collaboration. You feel understood and in good hands, which is why I am happy to recommend working with BEE.

Annina Streuli, Digital Marketing Managerin, Bitvoodoo

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