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Growth Financing

Take your business to the next level

Discover attractive financing opportunities and reach the next growth stage without losing control of your company.


Growing businesses urgently need alternative financing options.

Access to start-up financing through venture capital or credit institutions is limited and the conditions are often unsuitable.

Financing options

Without the right network, it is difficult to access alternative financing options.


High capital requirements or risky private liability make bank financing unattractive.

Loss of control

Financing through share disposals can lead to undesirable involvement and loss of control.


Inflexible repayment rates can put companies under severe pressure in the event of unscheduled development.

After lengthy negotiations with banks, we started looking for alternative financing options ourselves in order to be able to handle our ambitious growth. This enabled us to realise our growth financing within 30 days with alternative and extremely attractive forms of financing. We are now able to make this knowledge and the resulting partnerships available to our clients.

Ben Klein, CEO
BEE Digital Growth AG

Create more opportunities for your business

Improve your starting position to create more funding opportunities for your business. We help you build your investor pitch deck and improve your growth KPIs before seeking funding opportunities or talking to potential investors.


To receive funding.

Keep your hands on the wheel

Get access to alternative financing without losing control of your business. We help you scale your business and improve your starting position without diluting your shares and giving up more control.


To find the best form of financing for your growth.

Reduce the risk of liquidity shortages

Stay flexible and reduce the risk of liquidity bottlenecks. We offer variable repayment models that are based on the turnover - if you grow extraordinarily, you pay back more, should the turnover shift unexpectedly, then the repayments also adjust.


More flexible repayments.

Are we a good match?

Are you the founder or executive of a Swiss company with positive growth figures? Your business model is scalable and includes recurring revenues?

Are you looking for alternative financing and a strong growth partner to help you reach the next growth phase? Then you have come to the right place.

We are a digital growth partner specialising in Go-to-Market, Demand-Gen/Lead-Gen, Digital Appearance/Visibility and Revenue Operations and offer you access to attractive financing opportunities from our partner network.

BEE. A partner who understands you

We know exactly how it feels to seek funding for a growing business because we have been in the exact same situation. As founding executives of BEE, we look forward to meeting you to analyse your current situation and discuss strategies to help you achieve your goals.