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The HubSpot evolution: the CMS Hub becomes the Content Hub

HubSpot: CMS Hub becomes Content Hub

As we step into Q2, HubSpot continues to solidify its position as the go-to CRM for many.

The big news? HubSpot's CMS Hub is undergoing a transformation, or rather, a consolidation, into the more aptly named Content Hub. This evolution aligns with the introduction of new HubSpot features and capabilities, such as advanced personalisation and AI content creation. If your website is built in the CMS Hub, don’t stress; nothing changes, but you may notice the rebrand.

The transition from CMS Hub to Content Hub signifies a milestone in HubSpot’s quest to empower marketers with truly impactful solutions. If, like most marketers, you’re feeling the mounting pressure to create content across multiple platforms, you’ll love what Content Hub has to offer:

  • Simplified content creation
  • Enhanced personalisation capabilities
  • Improved overall efficiency
  • Catering to teams of all sizes.

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In this article, we unpack Content Hub and help you understand the benefits for your business.

Why Content Hub Now?

Content remains pivotal in successful marketing strategies. According to a recent Forbes article, your competitors have set ambitious goals for 2024, aiming to increase revenue, enhance awareness, and elevate user engagement through innovative content marketing solutions. HubSpot recognises this urgency and seeks to address the pressing needs of businesses today.

Additionally, the rebranding to Content Hub resolves any confusion associated with CMS and clarifies its broader scope beyond website management..

HubSpot's message is clear: it's more than just website creation; it's about building comprehensive, connected content strategies tailored to today's multi-channel landscape.

Exciting Features of Content Hub

Essentially, HubSpot’s Content Hub is designed to do what it says on the tin: Content. It’s here to optimise your content creation process so that you can deliver relevant and consistently high-quality information that enables a deeper connection between your brand and its audience.

Maximise content reach with repurposing

Crafting compelling blog posts takes significant time and effort. To fully capitalise on this investment, you must extend its reach across various platforms like social media, landing pages, emails, ads, and even podcasts. This can be incredibly time-consuming. However, with the Content Remix feature in Content Hub, leveraging AI, you can effortlessly generate variants tailored for different channels. This means you simply need to review, edit, and publish. Additionally, Content Hub offers blog post narration capabilities, adding another layer of engagement for your audience.

Content Embed

If you prefer to maintain your website on WordPress, there's no need to worry. With HubSpot's Content Embed feature, you can still harness the power of customised content sections that draw on your CRM’s data and effortlessly embed them onto your WordPress site without coding expertise. This ensures that your WordPress site remains updated and personalised for your leads and customers, enhancing their experience and driving engagement.

Podcast kickstart

The podcast format remains a winning tool for engagement among marketers. If you were previously deterred from launching one due to the workload involved, Content Hub addresses several challenges. For instance, you can effortlessly distribute your podcast across popular platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Audible directly from within HubSpot. This integration offers valuable insights and a comprehensive performance overview, all conveniently accessible within your HubSpot CRM.

Membership website creation

Do you have valuable gated content that you could be leveraging more effectively? Whether your goal is to monetise your website or generate leads in a more inbound-aligned manner, Content Hub's latest membership feature empowers you to establish exclusive membership zones directly on your website. This feature is particularly beneficial if you wish to reserve high-value content, such as industry insider blogs, for your most valued clients or leads. It's an excellent strategy for personalising the user experience and enhancing your conversion efforts.

Ensure brand consistency

Brand Voice is an AI-powered feature within Content Hub designed to automatically generate content in alignment with your brand's specific tone of voice. By inputting guidelines and settings, you maintain full control over how your content is crafted. This streamlined approach ensures consistent brand messaging across all content channels, saving time while upholding the standards of your brand identity.

Proactive website optimisation

The website builder tool enables users to modify webpages with straightforward drag-and-drop editing. Landing pages and forms can also be seamlessly created within the Content Hub, offering some of the coveted functionalities found in the Marketing Hub. This integrated functionality empowers users to not only create but also test and optimise these lead generation tools, ensuring that websites are continually optimised for maximum effectiveness.

Pricing and Features

HubSpot Content Hub offers flexible pricing tiers tailored to different business needs:

- Free: €0/month
- Starter: €20/month per seat
- Professional: €500/month (3 seats included)
- Enterprise: €1,500/month (5 seats included)


HubSpot Content Hub

Most of the exciting features, such as Brand Voice, Podcasting, Dynamic Personalisation, Reporting, and Memberships are accessible with the Pro tier. However, as usual, HubSpot offers scaling businesses the opportunity to leverage many useful tools within the Free and Starter tiers.

HubSpot Content Hub vs. Marketing Hub

While Marketing Hub focuses on lead generation and automation, Content Hub emphasises content creation and management. The Marketing+ Bundle combines both hubs at a discounted rate, offering a comprehensive solution for marketers.

Content Hub in a Nutshell

Content Hub simplifies content creation and delivery, aligning efforts with revenue operations. This enables hyper-personalised customer journeys, consistency, and easy marketing analysis.

HubSpot integrates various features into Content Hub, acknowledging the evolving needs of clients and the market's response to AI advancements, ensuring competitiveness in today's cross-platform landscape.


HubSpot's Content Hub represents a significant leap in content marketing technology, providing marketers with the tools needed to excel in today's digital landscape. By centralising content creation and management, leveraging AI-powered tools, and offering comprehensive solutions, Content Hub empowers marketers to deliver personalised and effective content experiences across every stage of the customer journey.

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