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Digital CX Roadmap

The customer experience (CX) is the sum of perceptions and feelings resulting from your customers' interaction with your brand's products and services.

SMBs that recognise the business growth and cost reduction benefits of delivering outstanding digitial customer experiences need the Digital CX Roadmap. 


Achieving an outstanding customer experience with the Digital CX Roadmap

Through experience with many customers from our focus industries, we have learned that rapid digitisation, increasing competition, and the social changes of recent years present SMEs with major challenges. Which ones do you want to solve?

Strong competition

Increasing competitive pressure, often from international players with access to cheaper resources or more effective technologies, is exacerbating the situation.

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No reliable pipeline

Lack of repeatability and systematisation of marketing and sales processes prevent reliable planning and achievement of sales targets.

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Poor digital CX

A broken digital customer experience (CX) and inadequate activities are partly responsible for not increasing the revenue potential of existing customers.

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Stand out from your competitors and leave a lasting impression.

After a profound analysis of your customers' needs and your competitors' offerings, we develop a unique positioning and a modern web presence that clearly differentiates your company and leaves a lasting impression on customers and partners.

90 days

Successful repositioning within 90 days.

Continuously acquire new customers and open up new markets.

Generate qualified leads for your sales by implementing effective growth strategies. We help you equip your marketing and sales for digital channels and lay the foundation for measurable success and sustainable growth.


Growth within 12 months.


Strengthen relationships with your customers and partner network.

Engage your customers and strengthen your partnerships. We define all touchpoints with your business, from first contact to customer service, and help you make every digital interaction a positive customer-centric experience.


More sales with existing customers.

What is your challenge?

Customer experience (CX) is the sum of perceptions and feelings resulting from interactions with a brand's products and services. It begins before the purchase decision and extends through active use and service to repurchase - and beyond. To ensure consistently positive CX, you need to address several challenges. We support you with these services:

Outstanding CX: Lead-to-Client

Your goal: You know the potential of lead generation and lead management for more MQLs and SQLs.

Our services:

  • - Analysis of existing lead-to-client processes and derivation of touchpoints.
  • - Potential analysis of a seamless CX in the entire lead-to-client process and definition of the lead handover processes between Marketing & Sales.
  • - Creation of a roadmap and listing of the required resources for establishing an outstanding CX of lead-to-client.
  • .


Outstanding CX: Customer-to-loyal customer

Your goal: You know the potential of your existing customers for more SQLs, achieve an 8+ NPS score and shorten your response times.

Our services:

  • Conceptualisation of activites for reactivation of former customers and implementation of a campaign framework.
  • Development of activities for upselling at customers and implementation of a campaign framework.
  • Development of measures for cross-selling at customers and implementation of a campaign framework.
  • from5.000

    Go2Market audit

    Your goal: Identify your most promising market segment and know how to leverage the potential.

    Our services:

  • Conduct an audit and identify the most promising market segment based on size, relevance and targeting
  • Qualitative and quantitative description of the potential per channel: Inbound, Outbound, Channel, Reactivation, Up-/Cross-Selling
  • Creating a roadmap and listing the required resources for the planned G2Market.
  • from5.000

    (Re) positioning audit

    Your goal: You are clearly differentiated in the market, and the target groups understand why they should work with your company and not with a competitor.

    Our services:

  • Conduct market/competitor analysis
  • Conduct target group interviews
  • Worksessions to sharpen and elaborate positioning
  • Create a roadmap for differentiating positioning and appropriate branding.

  • from5.000

    Outstanding customer experience (CX) through industry focus

    Through successful CX projects in these industries, we know the challenges companies face very well. We have developed complete solutions to transform marketing, sales and service - and to map the entire digital journey of customers and partners.

    • IT service provider
    • Manufacturing
    • SaaS Company
    • Consulting
    • Personnel service provider
    • Banks & Insurances
    • Software Provider


    Conventional sales strategies no longer work. Rapid digitisation, increased competition, and the social changes of recent years are presenting IT service providers with new challenges.


    IT service providers must stand out with a modern, fresh design and a good user experience (UX). The focus is on lead generation and an entry page where the positioning is immediately recognisable.


    +40% visibility
    +818% inbound leads
    -92% CAC (acquisition cost)



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    When we relaunched our digital marketing with HubSpot, BEE was the professional partner we were looking for. Pragmatic with an eye on the essentials, we were able to achieve clearly measurable, improved results in record time with BEE.

    Urs Wermelinger, VP Marketing & Partner, CYCL AG


    In recent years, customers' information behaviour and interaction with companies have changed permanently. Classic sales activities are increasingly losing efficiency and need to be moreble for digital channels.


    Manufacturers have to address various stakeholders with their websites and clearly communicate their differentiating positioning - in text and images. The focus is on lead generation and clear UX to guide visitors through the website in a targeted manner.


    +22% growth in 12 months
    +31% revenue from existing customers
    +8 NPS (Net Promoter Score)



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    Looking back, only good impressions remain. Wherever we show our new website, we get great feedback - the appealing design combined with well-structured content convinces all along the line.

    Thomas Haller, Sales Manager, EICHENBERGER GEWINDE AG


    Continuous demand generation, ongoing momentum, and the simultaneous implementation of scalable processes: The way SaaS companies address these challenges will significantly determine their success. This is where the leaders differ from the laggards.


    SaaS companies need to position themselves very clearly and implement simple buyers' journeys in order to differentiate themselves. The focus is on the product, the value proposition, and maximising the conversion rate.



    +1020% Landing Page Conversion
    +66% MQL to SQL Conversion
    -90 days for a new GTM strategy.



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    With the help and direction from BEE, we successfully implemented a data-driven lead scoring system customised to our needs. Our sales teams now know exactly which leads to touch, and we realised stunning efficiency wins and conversion rate improvement.

    Joël L. Capt, BEEKEEPER.IO


    In order to benefit from the increased demand in management consulting, consultants need to enter the market with a clear positioning and a unique customer experience.


    Consulting companies need to stand out with a modern and fresh design and a good user experience (UX). The focus is on lead generation and attracting talent.




    4x more qualified inquiries
    -14h labor savings due to automations
    +8 Net Promoter Score



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    Thanks to BEE's great understanding of our market and services, there was no need for long discussions and explanations. The BEE.GAMEPLAN is the essence of how to achieve the goals we have set for the future.

    Pascal Schmid, CEO, Netrics AG


    Traditional recruitment and sales strategies no longer work. Rapid digitisation, increasing competition, and the social changes of recent years are creating new challenges for personnel service providers.


    Personnel service providers need to stand out not only through clear and sharp positioning, but also through modern design and an intuitive user experience (UX). The focus is on lead generation from customers, but also talents.



    4x more leads within 6 months
    -55% CAC (acquisition cost)
    30 days for HubSpot implementation and launch of first lead campaign.



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    BEE understood our concerns right from the start and looked after us with commitment. The team's commitment is as outstanding as the result. Through a strategically planned roadmap, we were able to achieve quick wins that motivate us to do more.

    Thomas Lang, SFOUR Consulting AG

    The rapid development of FinTech, strict regulations and the societal changes of recent years are presenting banks with new challenges.

    Banks and insurance companies can no longer rest on their brand and brand awareness.

    Banks and insurance companies need to develop efficient digital strategies for lead generation and ensure an end-to-end digital customer experience (CX). We help identify and implement a PoC to achieve exceptional CX.

    Raiffeisen Case



    Implementation PoC within 90 days
    +37% more leads
    8+ NPS in 180 days


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    We wanted to achieve efficient data management through meaningful marketing automation. The processes were to be significantly simplified and our lead data was to be successfully converted into leads. There has been a constructive relationship with BEE as an agency for many years and I have already carried out several successful projects with Ben Klein. Due to the great trust, we were able to work together without hesitation, despite the high demands that a bank makes. The result: we now have a highly efficient CRM for data management, the follow-up processes are automated - and conversion is massively successful. It doesn't get any better than that.

    Roger Feller, Raiffeisen Bank

    Software provicers need to bring their products to market faster and faster.

    Rapid digitisation, increasing competition, lack of systematisation and inefficient use of resources pose new challenges for software vendors and channel partners.

    By providing knowledge, strategy templates and campaign frameworks to channel partners, we help generate leads quickly and efficiently to continuously reach new customers and markets.

    + 818% more inbound leads
    2x more leads also own campaigns
    100% more efficiency


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    The clear goal was to achieve more visibility and generate more traffic. In addition, we want to be even more flexible in the digital area in the future. As a leading Swiss Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we know that a high partner status requires a high level of expertise. Since BEE is a Diamond HubSpot Partner, there was an initial basic trust and also the price-performance ratio sounded very interesting to us. Our high expectations were met in the cooperation. You feel understood and in good hands, which is why I can gladly recommend working with BEE.

    Annina Streuli, Bitvoodoo

    Cooperation with BEE

    We have implemented a lean process to bring you value from the first contact. After all, our mission is to lead by example, through exceptional CX.


    Get to know

    Can we help you and do we fit together? We have a common understanding of whether and where BEE can bring benefits.



    We get to know your company, your market, your goals. In a free work session, we record what should be developed for your Digital Roadmap, what is already available, what resources you can contribute. Afterwards, you will receive an offer.



    BEE sets up the team for the first meeting with your team. We define the goals and responsibilities together and create the roadmap with OKRs, milestones and concrete tasks for the first sprint and implement a success control.

    Audit Services

    Consulting Services

    Implementation Services


    Transform to Perform

    We combine the potential of strategy, technology, data intelligence and employees in a holistic transformation model. We help organisations with their transformation for more performance and profitable growth. To do this, we use results-oriented and data-driven digital solutions for marketing, sales and organizational development.

    Here's how we do it:

    • Align: Goals and expectations are clearly defined, and obstacles are reduced. This enables everyone to run in the same direction.
    • Engage: We provide tools for team collaboration and enable everyone to grow personally with the team.
    • Implement: Agile work practices and methods help us to implement projects on time and on budget.
    • Perform: We are not satisfied until we can demonstrate measurable performance.

    Case Studies

    With cross-industry experience from many transformation projects, we inspire our customers to turn every challenge into an opportunity and every opportunity into growth. Our services and all digital solutions for marketing, sales and service are designed to increase performance, reduce costs and strengthen growth.

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    In den intensiven Workshops, in denen die Grundlagen und die ersten Details für den Gameplan erarbeitet wurden, haben uns sowohl die guten Ideen von BEE, als auch deren kritische Betrachtungsweise und Inputs wirklich geholfen. Was mir besonders gut gefiel: Ben Klein hat sich mit unseren Vorstellungen ernsthaft auseinandergesetzt, aber auch konstruktive Gegenvorschläge und Optimierungen aufgezeigt, mit denen sich das beste Ergebnis erreichen lässt. Innerhalb kurzer Zeit folgten dann gute Erstentwürfe für unsere Website und die neuen Seiten wurden strukturiert und sehr zügig umgesetzt.

    Das BEE Team ist sehr freundlich, technisch sehr versiert und immer hilfsbereit. Die Zusammenarbeit hat richtig Spass gemacht. Ebenso begeistert sind wir von HubSpot. Die Software ist sehr intuitiv zu bedienen und das Handling unserer Kundenkommunikation läuft damit effizient und hoch professionell.


    Ferdinand Peter
    Autowelt Schweiz AG


    We were looking for a hubspot agency with a hands-on mentality and definetly found it with BEE. Martin is very experienced and helped us set up everything in a record-time. Will will continue to work with them for the future development and are looking forward to!


    Giles Magnin


    We wanted to set up our HubSpot application professionally in order to make maximize the utility of our CRM. BEE offered us exactly the services necessary to achieve this goal quickly and effectively in a lean fashion. BEE is a sympathetic sparring partner at eye level, who focuses on the essentials from conception to implementation. If you are really determined to scale your Marketing & Sales with HubSpot, BEE is the right partner for you.


    Ralph Hartmeier
    GETKICKBOX powered by Swisscom Digital


    Wir hatten HubSpot bereits im Einsatz, wussten jedoch, dass wir unsere Visibilität noch deutlich steigern können. Dafür haben wir einen kompetenten Partner gesucht. BEE hat uns mit fundiertem Fachwissen unserer Branche und einem sehr strukturierten Vorgehen überzeugt. Wir haben unseren organischen Traffic innerhalb von 12 Monaten um 25% gesteigert! BEE hat uns als Sparringspartner in Consulting und Umsetzung wirkungsvoll – und sympathisch – unterstützt. Heute nutzen wir HubSpot deutlich intensiver und effektiver.


    Uwe Bornemann
    Tecan AG


    BEE ist ein großartiger Partner für Inbound- und HubSpot-Dienstleistungen. Das Team ist sehr sachkundig, qualifiziert und unkompliziert in der Zusammenarbeit. Sie sind bei der Umsetzung der Geschäftsziele flexibel und passen sich an diese sowie an die Kundenwünsche an. Ich würde BEE jedem, der solche Dienstleistungen sucht, wärmstens empfehlen.


    Monika Wisser
    Konzepthaus Web Solutions GmbH


    BEE ist seit vielen Jahren unser Partner, der uns immer wieder neue Wege für produktive Kampagnen aufzeigt und uns mit innovativen Konzeptideen inspiriert. Den Aufbau unserer neuen Website und die HubSpot Implementierung haben wir mit BEE stringent und erfolgreich durchgeführt. Auch bei der Leadgenerierung können wir uns auf die Unterstützung von BEE verlassen. Das Ergebnis sind neue kreative Kampagnen, eine bessere Sichtbarkeit im Netz durch Inbound Marketing, eine höhere Bekanntheit als Marke, frische Ideen für Featured Content und neue Leads. Das talentierte BEE Team steht uns jederzeit tatkräftig zur Seite!


    Anna Suder
    Netrics AG


    Bei unserem Relaunch unseres Digitalen Marketings mit Hubspot ist BEE der professionelle Partner, den wir gesucht haben. Pragmatisch mit dem Blick auf das Wesentliche konnten wir mit BEE in Rekordzeit zu deutlich messbaren, verbesserten Resultaten bringen. Besonders schätze ich persönlich die kombinierte Fach- und Branchenkenntnis des BEE Teams, das deutlich über reines "Mitdenken" hinausgeht, sondern uns jederzeit als Benchmark und Sparring dient. Die erfolgsorientierte Zusammenarbeit richtet sich jederzeit an klar definierten Zielgrössen und ist transparent messbar. Ein weiterer Vorteil von BEE: Als IT Unternehmen lieben wir es, zahlreiche Dinge auch in Hubspot selber zu realisieren und gemeinsam mit BEE in die Strategie einzubinden und in der Ausführung zu koordinieren - BEE unterstützt dieses agile, partizipative Modell geradezu mustergültig.


    Urs Wermelinger
    Cycl AG


    I work a lot with innovative startups and unfortunately, the European state of marketing & sales is often behind the most innovative players in the market. With BEE it's different in many ways. These guys know the newest possibilities to generate more qualified leads and increase the efficiency of the marketing funnel. They do that not only by leveraging their vast knowledge and the newest tools but also by aligning marketing and sales together and drive decision making based on data in an agile fashion. For scale-ups but also for enterprise level companies, BEE is my digital marketing partner of choice if it comes to Hubspot automation and innovative marketing tactics.


    Manuel Hartmann


    Zusammen mit BEE haben wir die HubSpot Implementierung sowie weitere entsprechende Inbound Massnahmen erfolgreich umgesetzt. Das Team von BEE hat uns stets tatkräftig und kompetent mit ihrem Fachwissen unterstützt, völlig egal wo bei uns der Schuh drückte. Geschätzt haben wir dabei insbesondere die unkomplizierte und persönliche Zusammenarbeit. Wer also auf der Suche nach einem top Partner für erfolgreiches Inbound Marketing ist, macht bei der BEE sicherlich nichts falsch!


    Michael Schibli
    Process Partner AG


    Zielgerichtete, effiziente, sowie qualitativ hochwertige Beratung und Begleitung durch den Umstellungsprozess auf Hubspot. Danke BEE!


    Julian Leudesdorff
    SUSI&James GmbH

    BEE makes happy

    BEE paves the way: to more visibility, more success, more growth. We often start by clearly identifying our clients' potential and positioning, and with an unobstructed view of where they are - and where they want to go. We actively support them on this path.

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    100+ large and small companies have already started with BEE.

    Arrange a non-binding meeting. We'll talk about your requirements and find the right pricing model for your growth goals.

    Are we a good match?

    With the change in buying behavior, digitisation has become enormously important for marketing, sales and service.

    Today, companies have to act differently in order to grow continuously through marketing, sales and service and to achieve measurable results. A new mindset in the way teams think and act is Key! If you as a company share these basic beliefs with us, we are the ideal partner:

    Purchasing behavior has changed significantly

    Everyone in the company is part of the growth strategy

    Culture and mindset are essential for ambitious growth

    Growth requires investment and performance monitoring

    Companies should aim for a top position

    Involving internal resources is critical to success

    The willingness to change must be given

    Agile organisational forms accelerate growth


    The latest information on digital growth and customer experience, for everyone who has made TRANSFORM TO PERFORM their mission.