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BEE Digital vs. Svensson & Friends vs. Chili Digital: Which partner is right for me?

Most businesses prefer not to talk about their competitors to clients – let alone write blogs about them. Why give the competition free clout – on your own website!?

At BEE, we think, why not?

The truth is, all successful inbound businesses know one thing: not every customer is a right fit.

And that's okay!

The sun shines equally on everyone.
- Unknown

Our priority is to ensure that you find the right solution for your company, and sometimes, that may not be us. Being transparent and meeting your expectations is, in our opinion, the best way of doing business.

When searching for the best HubSpot partner in Switzerland, we're proud to appear amongst the likes of Svensson & Friends and Chili Digital – they do good business, and we do good business. Each of these companies is successful, and, judging by the reviews, clients are pleased with the results.

With that being said, we each have our own approach to service delivery, which can make all the difference when choosing the right partner for you.

In this friendly comparison article, we've explored our competitor's websites and provided the key differentiators that may highlight who will offer the most value for your particular needs – if we've missed something, it's because we can't see it.

Svensson & Friends

Svensson & Friends is a partnership consisting of digital marketing experts who operate 100 % remotely. It specialises in helping B2B organisations, and their clients come from the FinTech, CleanTech, IndustrialTech and SaaS sectors.

What do Svensson & Friends offer?

This agency can help you with your go-to-market strategy, content marketing, lead generation, automation, sales enablement and HubSpot CRM setup and support.

What can you get for free?

Svensson & Friends provide eBooks and guides on topics that B2Bs in its target market will certainly find useful. There's also a blog – although that's not seen too much action lately. The agency does, however, offer specific content tailored to the industry you may operate in. So, if you want to know how it can address your particular needs, check out the industry-focussed page located on its website.

You'll also find a host of valuable tools, such as:

  • Website grader
  • Pagespeed insights
  • Make my persona


Like many agencies out there, Svensson & Friends seem to keep pricing information private, so it's best to discuss your needs directly and ask for a quote. As stated on the HubSpot Certified Partner page, the team is happy to work with budgets of $5000 and over.


  • English
  • German

Chili Digital

Chili Digital (previously Profile Media) is an inbound and content marketing agency. It's been around since 2007 and has up to 50 employees. Chili helps businesses in the technology, tourism, healthcare and construction industries – so expect a broad renege of experience and know-how. Chili positions itself as an organisation of specialists that can help businesses on the path to digital transformation in marketing, sales and service.

What do Chili Digital offer?

Chili, according to its website, has a comprehensive service menu. From helping to digitise your business (a process that includes support with software, web design, ecommerce, mobile and hosting) to social media, content marketing and account-based marketing (AMB) – you'll find it all under one roof. Storytelling and content creation is Chili Digital's strong point, and certainly worth finding out more if your content marketing is something you're after. They're also specialists in web and applications design.

What can you get for free?

Chili Digital appears pretty minimalist when it comes to marketing content you can use for educational purposes, but you'll find an insightful blog and a page dedicated to references and previous project experience.


Like Svensson & Friends, Chili Digital works on an individual quotation basis, but they'll take you on with a budget of $5000 and over.


  • English
  • German

BEE Digital Growth AG

Our BEE Digital team offers a full suite of inbound and HubSpot services tailored to your company's budget and requirements. BEE Digital Growth ist a performance-focused company that uses measurable results and tried and tested methodologies to enable real business growth.

We at BEE Digital work with a wide range of clients from just about every sector, ensuring that our relationships are aligned, productive and centred around a core vision and belief system.

What does BEE Digital offer?

BEE implements numerous own-brand strategies and models to create success for clients. The BEE.Transformance model, for example, combines strategy, technology and skills to help organisations make impactful, measurable business decisions. A key ingredient in BEE's recipe for success is its participation in the Time4Value (T4V) network; this provides instant access to global experts who help mobilise and realise projects faster, better, and more cost-effectively. Our service menu features all the critical elements of digital marketing (branding, strategy, Webdesign, SEO, etc.) and sales. You can also come to us for growth strategy.

What can you get for free?

We're big on empowering our clients through knowledge, so you'll find our website is rich with guides, videos, eBooks and worksheets. The best way to ensure healthy collaboration and excellent results is to involve you in the process of your marketing and sales and enable you to make data-based decisions. We're happy to answer all your questions about inbound, and we have a regular blog that you'll want to subscribe to. 


When it comes to pricing, we don't like surprises –– we suspect you feel the same. We offer fixed pricing packages, retainers, and customised pricing structures that suit your particular needs. Take a look at our pricing page to better understand what to expect and how to factor us into your budget.


  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian

Digital Marketing and Sales:Which is the right partner for you?

Your decision will be based on several factors:

  1. Your budget: Can the partner get the job done for the amount you're able to pay?
  2. The tasks you are outsourcing to the marketing partner: Not everyone will have experience in the particular activity you require assistance with. 
  3. Your goals, KPIs and deadlines: It's important to ensure that the partner has the availability and resources to deliver your work on time and that they have a strong understanding of your goals (and how progress will be measured/assessed)
  4. Long-term or project-based work: Some partners may be perfect for a public relations (PR) or ABM campaign you'd like to actualise. In other instances, you may wish to develop a long term relationship and utilise a retainer service. 
  5. Level of involvement: Would you prefer an end-to-end service when it comes to managing your marketing, or are you keen to get stuck in and receive tutorials and support with the aim of being able to do core tasks independently?
  6. Previous success: What is the partner's track record in your particular industry? Do they have references and testimonials that make you feel confident about your choice?

We could add many more points to this list, but there's one essential consideration: How do they make you feel?

Most partners (including the ones we've discussed here) will offer some kind of discovery call where they'll assess your business, discuss your needs, and provide a glimpse into their modus operandi, their company culture, and their general approach to dealing with clients. 

Marketing und Sales sind eine langfristige Investition und es ist wichtig, dass du dich gut aufgehoben fühlst. Achte darauf, dass du Leute auswählst, die dich mögen und die halten, was sie versprechen – und die erklären können, was sie tun und warum sie es tun!

Marketing and Sales are an investment, and it's important to feel confident about the relationship. So be sure to choose people you like who do what they say –– and who can explain what they do! Marketing and Sales can sometimes feel like an activity shrouded in secrecy and technicalities that most people don't want to get bogged down with. But, it's important for your partner to be able to communicate effectively and involve you in the process of growing your business. 

So, if you're in the market for a Diamond HubSpot partner, you're definitely looking at three strong contenders. Make the calls, ask the questions, and ensure that you feel satisfied, comfortable and confident when it comes to working with the partner you ultimately choose. 

To maximise your HubSpot investment with  BEE Digital Growth, click here to find out more about our service.