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BEE Digital Growth Blog: Website Re-Launch

5 Webdesign Trends for 2023

Tim Bittins | 9 Mar 2023

It’s 2023, and the internet is alive with web design trends that are all about creating excellent user experiences (UX). In just five short years, it’s estimated that ...

reading time: 15min

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Why We Prefer To Build Websites On HubSpot

Why We Prefer To Build Websites On HubSpot

Giuliano Campaniello | 9 Jun 2022

Where you build your website is one of the most important business decisions you’ll make. The platform you use can impact everything from the user experience (UX) to how ...

reading time: 7min

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9 Web Design Trends for 2022

Mattia Suter | 24 Mar 2022

Web design is an art and often an understated one. It’s not as simple as picking a colour palette, throwing some images together and making sure there’s enough content ...

reading time: 8min

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Corporate Website Design-Myths | Best Practices

5 Corporate Website Design Myths you can Completely Forget About

Giuliano Campaniello | 18 Nov 2021

The need for a practical, highly functional and engaging website has been strongly highlighted by recent global events when selling and communicating with customers ...

reading time: 13min

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New web design for the Possover International Medical Center

Dominik Brunner | 7 May 2019

 What could be better than a successful website that attracts users, answers their questions, gives them hope for a painless life or at least for the improvement of ...

reading time: 16min

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