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New web design for the Possover International Medical Center

 What could be better than a successful website that attracts users, answers their questions, gives them hope for a painless life or at least for the improvement of their quality of life and, in addition, an exclusive web design that authentically reflects the customer's values.

When we first came into contact with Possover International Medical Center, we immediately realized that in the medical industry in particular, inbound methodology is an optimal approach to educating people seeking help and providing them with unique and helpful content. However, especially in Switzerland there are also various restrictions in the area of marketing in the physician sector. This was definitely one of the challenges that had to be overcome. However, since the inbound marketing strategy is aimed at providing users with informative content they are looking for, we wanted to take on this challenge and see how the inbound marketing approach can be implemented for doctors.

The area that Possover International Medical Center is dealing with is pelvic nerve surgery. We were able to learn from Professor Possover - the pioneer of this extraordinary technique - about the fascinating possibilities that are offered to affected patients by the knowledge of neuropelveology, which was hitherto quite unknown. Neither patients nor physicians were sufficiently informed about this innovative and highly complex field, which can produce incomprehensible results.

Just a brief explanation: The young discipline of neuropelveology founded by Prof. Possover deals with the diagnosis of injuries and dysfunctions of the pelvic nerves as well as with the treatment of the symptoms and diseases caused by them.

That includes:

  • Hyperactive bladder, urinary and faecal incontinence, urinary retention
  • Neuropathic pelvic pain (genital, groin, pudendal, back, sciatic pain, etc.)
  • Pelvic bone and pelvic nerve tumors (teratomas, swannomas, osteochondro sarcomas, etc.)
  • Loss of spinal cord functions after spinal cord injuries
  • Sexual disorders in women and men

Such innovative and helpful new insights deserve to be brought closer to humanity. We recognized the potential, many people can be helped and given a pain-free life again. In addition, it enables paraplegic people to restore the function of the locomotor system to a certain degree and thus regain quality of life. Unbelievable what neuropelveology can do. From our point of view, a method that should not be withheld from anyone.

Another challenge was not only to sensitize patients to this new discipline and to make the new eLearning known, but also to pass on the knowledge of neuropelveology to other physicians, colleagues and specialists. This was another concern of the Possover International Medical Center and a driving factor that Marc Possover, the pioneer of this technology, drives every day.

The unrelenting will to help as many people as possible, who hardly see a way out, inspires Prof. Possover to pass on his knowledge in the discipline of neuropelveology. Motivating physicians to train their colleagues in neuropelveology results from the desire to give patients worldwide access to the new treatment methods he has developed.

Such a passion and such a will to help as many people as possible in the world deserves to have a platform that is visible to everyone.

Therefore we decided to create a completely new website that embodies the values of Prof. Possover and at the same time serves as a source of information for help seekers and doctors who are looking for answers to their questions about unresolved health challenges.

Conception and elaboration of the website design

  1. Visual Language
  2. Verbal Identity
  3. Compliance with Restrictions in the Medical Field
  4. Usability
  5. Storytelling
  6. Clean Design

1. Visual Language

We chose a combination that harmonizes with the design of the websites and the individual modules. This meant a mixture of images in color and black/white, because in principle the website should be kept quite simple and bright, but a pure black/white website looked quite gloomy. We designed the entry on the home page with a special effect in combination with the values of Prof. Possover to give expression to the very essential values.

The "Why" was developed by Marc Possover and sharpened in cooperation with his team and BEE Inbound, because this is an essential point of the motivation of the Possover International Medical Center. The patients and doctors not only want to know how they can be helped, but also why they have chosen this path.

The key visuals were produced during a shooting in the practice of the Possover International Medical Center. During the image processing they were made a little brighter to create a sense of well-being for the patient and show a certain sterility. The images create trust and the friendliness of the staff is adequately reflected.

2. Verbal Identity

The verbal identity differs fundamentally between patients and doctors. This means that patients should be picked up at a level that explains complex medical procedures relatively simply. In addition, an emotional and empathetic language should be chosen so that the patients feel addressed and their situation is dealt with precisely. This was also the case for the blog posts. The articles were written especially for patients and doctors and adapted to the different target persons.

Doctors were picked up on a much more complex level, the specialists were written to with common terms and physicians specifically, since the knowledge was already there before.

3. Compliance with Restrictions in the Medical Field

The website was not designed with much advertising in mind and conversions were avoided, especially for patients, in order to avoid unnecessary contact information. The website was designed to be informative and helpful and the sensitive data is not collected or stored.

The contact with the Possover International Medical Center is only made via contact data or the consultation form. The Medical Center will then contact potential clients personally to discuss the next steps and to arrange an initial consultation.

When praising the eLearning system for doctors, however, we could rather rely on conversions and a more promotional strategy could be pursued here, as this area is not directly related to well-being and health, but rather to the training of professionals.

Paid advertising was completely abandoned and organic growth was used instead. We want to attract those seeking help with our content and not through paid advertising.

4. Usability

The header was divided left/right for patients left and doctors right. For patients we created the entry by focussing on complaints and treatments, for physicians by focussing on Prof. Possover and the medical discipline Neuropelveology.

The navigation and the menu were clearly structured and the jumps to the subpages were clearly shown. Suitable jumps were created for all complaints / treatments and procedures.

Each website leads the user through a clear story, even if different website modules were used several times, it was important to us to always play through the story of a visitor from beginning to end. This creates a certain empathy, which conveys that one is responsive to people seeking help and deals with the suffering of those affected.

5. Storytelling

A technical design line runs through the entire website, giving the visitor the direction. The websites are designed in such a way that all visitors, no matter on which page they are, are told a clear and thoughtful story and are guided through the story by the line. Many modules have been used multiple times and globally.

For complaints and treatments quite emotional entries were created, since the persons concerned mostly stand at the end of their journey and often see no way out of the painful life.

We try to make doctors aware of how important it is to consider the field of neuropelveology, as it is still relatively unknown and only considered and applied by individual specialists. We try to draw the physician's attention to the importance of eLearning and to make it attractive to visit it.

6. Clean Design

Less is more. In order to focus on the content, we decided to do without unnecessary animations. It was important to us that the content is correlated with the design and that it is highlighted in terms of design. It was also important for us to choose a neutral, timeless design that emphasizes the helpful content in an authentic way. In a dev-guide all necessary information about fonts, colors, distances etc. were recorded, so that the development could adhere to the specifications and a uniform clean design was created.

The mostly bright design of the website should trigger a sense of well-being in the viewer and reflect it friendly and to a certain extent sterile, because this is very important in a practice and for the authentic image which the Possover International Medical Center sends out.

A simple minimalist design, which plays with green accents, which also appears in the logo of the Possover International Medical Center, is very appealing in combination with the mostly bright design. The fonts are very elegant, which again reflects the values of our customer.

When creating the template, care was taken to ensure that the individual modules alternate between light and dark, thus ensuring a clean yet varied appearance.

Website successes and HubSpot products in use

The Possover International Medical Center has informed us that they have already received various feedback from friendly doctors and satisfied patients, which confirms that the new website is very authentic and extremely helpful. This is also reflected by the number of visitors (website traffic).

Through the consultation hours they already been able to generate a lot of contacts and the goal of helping as many people as possible to a better life is beginning to bear fruit. Primarily the persons concerned profit from it, they can live again a pain-free or at least pain reduced life.

Of course the development also pleases the Possover International Medical Center, which may help persons from the whole world and thus the discipline Neuropelveologie is carried further into the world and all this purely organically without employment of paid advertising, which is also not particularly needed, since the persons concerned are directly attracted by the contents.

After the start of the first campaigns for doctors and patients, mostly via the HubSpot blog and the distribution of content via social media, a very high number of affected persons can be reached. HubSpot's social media tools are used extensively and make it easier for the Possover International Medical Center to efficiently and simply implement the coordination and planning for the various platforms.

In addition to the HubSpot Pro software, the Possover International Medical Center uses the Website Addon and for events and congresses, the Eventbrite event portal which can be linked to HubSpot is currently used and will be used continuously.

To illustrate the positive development, we have extracted the traffic figures and certain social media data here, which can give very comprehensive insights into the development of the successes via the integrated analysis tools of HubSpot.


HubSpot Sessions Possover
Possover Social Media

Conclusions and project successes

Our conclusion from the web design project is consistently positive. Especially in this area it counts to reach as many people as possible in order to bring this new discipline of neuropelveology, which focuses on the pelvic nerves, into the world. This could be achieved with the multilingual website (currently German/English) and people around the globe become aware of these techniques, which were developed by Marc Possover, the pioneer of neuropelveology. This is very gratifying and brings the Possover International Medical Center closer to its goal of helping all the desperate people who have not yet been able to find help for their unsolved problems. Here is an excerpt from Google Analytics to illustrate Geo-Traffics.

Possover Geo Traffic

As already mentioned, social media was an excellent way to reach the desired target audiences around the world, doctors as well as patients. The commitment is very high and the blog articles are actively shared and thus the reach has massively increased. This confirms us and the Possover International Medical Center that we have taken the right path and are picking up people where they are, on social media or Google search using organic search terms.

Finally, we'd like to thank Possover International Medical Center for a great collaboration and their confidence in the inbound method. We are convinced that this effort can help many desperate people in terms of time and cost and this is more valuable than anything else.

It was and is an honour for us to work with people who want to make the world a better place and to do everything possible to spread the word and serve the good of mankind. Therefore this project was a heart project for me and the whole BEE team. From our point of view the inbound marketing strategy is the perfect way for companies in the healthcare sector. And HubSpot provides the right platform so that companies like the Possover International Medical Center with few marketing resources can operate inbound marketing successfully.