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Recruitment: With Which Content do Employers Score?

Recent global events have accelerated changes in the recruitment industry. It’s no longer enough to simply post a job advert and wait for the applications to roll in. Of course, there will always be eager candidates, but you want to make sure that you’re attracting people who bring the right skills and experience to your business and that their behaviour and professional goals align with your company’s values.

In 2022, recruiter confidence in finding the right candidate has dipped from 95% to 91%. Meanwhile, 80% of organisations say they’re struggling to fill openings due to skills shortages. The recruitment landscape is incredibly competitive right now, so if you want to attract skilled, high-calibre people (and retain them), you need to work a little bit harder – and smarter!

Why should high-quality content be a recruiter’s priority?

89% of candidates evaluate your business before deciding to apply for a role. This makes content created specifically for the purpose of recruitment invaluable when it comes to finding those ideal new hires.

Attractive brands draw in top talent, so you really have to take a sales-like approach to recruitment – you need to get the best and the brightest candidates to buy into your company’s vision and want to work for you. 

In this article, we show you how content plays a critical role in educating potential new hires about your business, getting them inspired about your workplace culture and helping them envision their future as part of your team. 

Treating your job candidates like clients

We’ve already highlighted that recruitment is akin to sales, so let’s explore what that actually looks like and the type of content required for each stage of the recruitment journey.  


Someone’s scrolled through your job ad, or they may not even be actively looking at your business for a new role, but somehow, your company’s content has found its way in front of them, and they’re learning more about you. At the awareness stage, potential recruits will interact with :

  • Blogs and infographics
  • Industry insights or case studies you’ve published
  • Your social media posts
  • Explore your brand at networking events
  • Company news


This is where your prospective employee is becoming more interested in your organisation and wants to understand a little bit more about your corporate culture. For prospects in the consideration stage, you should make sure your company produces the following types of content:

  • A monthly newsletter
  • Social media posts highlight company culture
  • Your company’s mission statement
  • Content created by your employees


At the decision stage, your next new hire is pretty serious about applying for a job with you. To get them to make that final step, however, they’ll probably have more questions that will require some personalised content and more insights into people’s real experiences in working for your company. At this stage, candidates will look at things like:

  • Your Kununu rating and other review sites
  • What reps have to say at hiring events
  • The details in your job descriptions


It’s important to have your ideal candidate personas (similar to a buyer personas) carved out. To attract the right type of people to your company, it’s essential to define who your content should be targeting.

Must-have core recruitment content

Some companies may regard this as fluff, but others know how important it is when it comes to getting those top-qualified, high-performing individuals to apply for your job opening.

If your website and social media platforms don’t share this type of content, you may struggle to find your dream hires. So, without further ado, here’s what all good recruiters consider essential:

Documented company mission and values

Here’s how Atlassian, the SaaS solutions provider portrays its values on its website. From the design, tone and language used, it’s easy to see that this company seeks to attract open-minded, hardworking individuals who are motivated by success, teamwork and are able to take initiative.

Values Atlassian

‘Day in the life’ employee content

New hires want to see what awaits them at your organisation. Creating visual content that shares current employees’ real stories and experiences will help them decide whether they can integrate into your workplace culture. Take a look at how battenfeld-cincinatti shares its employees’ stories.


Philanthropic and corporate social responsibility information

If you work in a sector that appeals to individuals who value Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts and other philanthropic initiatives, it’s important to shout about this on your website and social media. William Blair shares an article that highlights a recently received award for corporate philanthropy. If your company has similar achievements or is invested in philanthropic initiatives, be sure to publicise this.

William Blair CSR


Creating recruitment-focused content is essential to building a brand that can attract and retain the best individuals in the job market. You should always aim to make this content authentic and a true reflection of your company’s culture and ethos. 

If you’re only just considering this aspect of your recruitment strategy, or you’d like to ramp up your efforts and create relevant, on-brand recruitment material that’s bound to get all the right attention, we’d love to help. We can assist you with web design and digital strategies that help you attract and guide prospective employees through the educational processes of getting to know your company and becoming excited about the potential of a future career within your organisation. 

Book a call with a BEE specialist and let us help you craft strategic recruitment content that will make finding and hiring your dream team much easier.