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BEE Digital Growth Blog: Neue Marketingmassnahmen

What is Growth Marketing?

Florian Schneider | 1 Jul 2021

In the past, marketers would invest most of their energy and resources in mass media campaigns that mainly targeted a top-of-the-funnel audience through a select number ...

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How to Use Content Discovery in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Manuela Krapf | 20 May 2021

In 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay titled "Content is King". The phrase has indeed turned into a bit of a marketing mantra, but the concept is still highly relevant – in ...

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The rise of Clubhouse: Should you or your company join the club?

Winky Fung | 8 Apr 2021

According to analytics firm App Annie, Clubhouse grew from over 3.5 million global downloads in January 2021  to 10 million users by March 1st. The rise is also ...

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Influencer Marketing Tools To Get You Started

Lanny Heiz | 18 Feb 2021

The power of influencer marketing remains a dominant force in 2020. The internet has created niche hubs of consumers, centred around recognisable figures who affect ...

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Highlights of Crea Digital Day 2019

Christina Fürst | 12 Feb 2019

What you can expect...and what not Let me get this straight. I do not intend to write a blog post to judge the “good,” “the bad”, “the ugly”. First of all, until I ...

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