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BEE maximises the growth of medium-sized companies. As a performance-oriented full-service inbound agency, we offer a unique and complete range of services.


Transform to Perform.

What keeps us going?

Growth! We want to drive positive developments at every level. To do this, we bring together people and organizations who are enthusiastic about growth.

How do we do it?

With the powerful BEE Transformance model! With it, we help organizations transform - far beyond marketing and sales. For stronger performance and profitable growth.

Why you and BEE?

Because we offer "Growth-as-a-Service"! We create value by implementing results-oriented, data-driven digital growth solutions. The goal: Exceed expectations.


Transform to Perform

We combine the potential of strategy, technology, data intelligence and employees in a holistic transformation model. We help organizations with their transformation - for more performance and profitable growth. To do this, we use results-oriented and data-driven digital solutions for marketing, sales and organizational development. 

Here's how we do it:

  • Align: Goals and expectations are clearly defined, obstacles are reduced. So that everyone can run in the same direction.
  • Engage: We provide tools for team collaboration and enable everyone to grow personally with the team.
  • Implement: Agile work practices and methods help us to implement projects on time and on budget. 
  • Perform: We are not satisfied until we can demonstrate measurable performance. 

Are we a good match?

With the change in buying behavior, digitization has become enormously important for marketing & sales.

Today, companies have to act differently in order to grow continuously through marketing & sales and to achieve measurable results. A new mindset in the way teams think and act is Key! If you as a company share these basic beliefs with us, we are the ideal partner:

Purchasing behavior has changed significantly

Everyone in the company is part of the growth strategy

Culture and mindset are essential for ambitious growth

Growth requires investment and performance monitoring

Companies should aim for a top position

Involving internal resources is critical to success

The willingness to change must be given

Agile organizational forms accelerate growth

Interested? This is how it continues:

Wachstum ist ein Prozess, der gutes Futter und eine fruchtbare Umgebung braucht. Gemeinsam schaffen wir diese Voraussetzungen!


Step 1: Get to know each other

Can we help you and do we fit together? 

Let's find out! You and we have outlined a joint roadmap - a Mutual Closing Map. In it, your goals and challenges are laid out in raw form, along with the measures to achieve them. We have a shared understanding of whether and where BEE can deliver value. Working together? Then let's move on to Step 2!

Step 2: Benefit definition

Where is the greatest output for you?

We develop this knowledge together! At the beginning, the requirements are often not yet conclusively defined. In our scoping workshops we create clarity and the basis for successful projects - feasible in time and budget.

Depending on your challenges, you will already receive initial results from BEE, such as Backlog & Roadmap, Growth Case Calculation, Digital Potential Analysis, Mockups, Implementation Blueprint, HubSpot Health Check, SEO Audit, etc.

With OKRs we create a common understanding: 

  • What is the Outcome?
  • How do we measure success?
  • What initiatives are needed?

Step 3: Offer and commitment to cooperation

What is the basis for a long-term partnership?

Clear agreements! You and we know exactly:

  • WHAT needs to be done
  • HOW to implement your project
  • WHEN your project will be implemented
  • HOW MUCH the project costs
  • WHERE lies the benefit that BEE provides

Step 4: Kick-off and first sprint

How to achieve results quickly?

By getting started! In a hacking session with all project participants, we determine the OKRs, define responsibilities according to RASCI and agree on how all participants communicate with each other.
The SLAs are determined as well as the scope of the first sprint. We define KPIs to measure performance and success. 
After the kick-off, the Customer Success Team takes over further implementation.


Schedule a meeting

100+ large and small companies have already started with BEE.

Arrange a non-binding meeting. We'll talk about your requirements and find the right pricing model for your growth goals.


We find the endless opportunities of the digital world tremendously exciting. Digitization and the mobile magicalities that come with it are a huge playing field where we bring brand and people together - digital transformation for the benefit of both customer and provider.