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To maximise growth, a good understanding of all channels, tasks and their interaction with one another is required. As a digital growth solution partner, we focus on your strategy and goals, and we then map out the steps to help you achieve them with freedom and flexibility.


Who is the BEE.Strategy for?

If you are facing one of the following challenges in marketing, sales or HR, you are a good match for BEE - and our inbound strategy is a good match for you. We lead you to your solid digital marketing and sales strategy. We will answer these questions, among others:

Market & Potential

  • Do I use all of my digital potential?
  • Where do I stand in the market compared to my competitors. Do I differentiate myself enough from my competitors?
  • Is my content & topics relevant & will I be found?
  • Which markets, topics should I take?
  • Do I differentiate myself from my competition?
  • How can I scale & where is it worth investing?

HR & Recruiting

  • How am I perceived as an attractive employer?
  • How do I build a strong culture code?
  • How do I establish a strong brand promise?
  • How & where should my employees get involved?
  • How do I build personal branding?
  • How do I reach top talents & how do I build relationships with them?

Marketing & Sales

  • Where will my leads come from? Do I run the right campaigns for them?
  • What do I have to offer to get lead conversions?
  • How do marketing & sales work more effectively together?
  • What are my markets, target persons & groups & who should I focus on?
  • What does the Buyer’s Journey look like & what can I automate?
  • What does Inbound Marketing & Sales cost & how can I implement it?

A clear roadmap to your Inbound strategy

We call our approach the BEE.Gameplan. Practice-proven, efficient, targeted. In several collaborative work sessions, we develop your individual inbound strategy and then help you implement it consistently in marketing, sales and HR.

Step 1: Assessment & Scoping

We get to know your company, your market, and your goals. In a free work session at the BEE.Hive, we record what is needed for your digital strategy, what is already available, what resources you can contribute. You will then receive an offer.


Step 2: Digital Potential Analysis

The analysis of your brand and the marketing strategy of your competitors shows the "inbound readiness" of your digital presence and how your competitors act. Market size, market dynamics, performance, key trends and risks are all important. We analyse your searchability, relevance and authority - and determine your full potential.

Step 3: Digital Inbound Marketing Strategy

Now we define: Goals, KPIs, personas and challenges, buyer’s journey, and touch-points. Subsequently, concepts for lead nurturing, lead scoring, lead generation, conversion, paid ads, content marketing and pillar pages, marketing automation, including campaigns and social media plans for Attract, Convert, Close, Delight are drawn up.

Helpful information:
What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing Guide


Step 4: Digital Inbound Sales Strategy

This step includes Prospect Fit Matrix, deal stages, conversion services, sales automation processes, lead classification concept, lead distribution concept, lead follow-up concept, interface definitions, agreement sales and marketing.
Helpful information:
What is Inbound Sales?

Step 5: Inbound Organisation & Recruiting Strategy

We help you to develop your Culture Code, your customer success handbook and your differentiating brand promise. Employee engagement and personal branding are defined. We develop a campaign concept for building relationships with top talents and a concept for the recruitment process "Culture First".


Step 6: Website Structure & Design

Every work session and concept generated, creates a clearer picture of how your website and its architecture must be structured: Which entry points are missing on the current website? Which sections need to be added? Which adjustments are necessary to enable the user to find the content he is looking for immediately?

Step 7: Roadmap Implementation

In the last step, the tools are selected according to requirements. We obtain an overview of your system landscape and resources and then create your roadmap, project plan, and responsibility matrix.

We help you with the implementation of these services:
Digital Branding, Webdesign, SEO Services,
Digital Marketing & Sales Campaigns, Hubspot Services,
Performance & Success Control


What does a digital strategy cost?

Your digital strategy's budget depends on several factors: Company size, number of countries and languages, number of business units - and the contribution you make yourself. We'll give you the first clue here.


Suitable for:
Solopreneurs, small SMEs or start-ups, low budget, internal resources available for implementation.

Conditions: Done with you
In the BEE.Academy, we teach you all the knowledge you need to develop your digital inbound strategy. In several workshops with limited participants, we support you with the implementation and give you valuable tips and tricks.

on request

Suitable for:
Medium-sized SMEs or start-ups, limited budget, and there are enough internal resources to deliver and partially develop your digital strategy.

Conditions: Done with you
You have up to 3 business areas and are active in one language region. First and foremost, you want to identify your digital potential and create your digital marketing strategy and sales strategy. The digital recruiting strategy will follow at a later stage.


Suitable for:
Medium to large SMEs or start-ups, budget with controlled costs, no internal resources available for the partial development of your digital strategy.

Conditions: Done for you
You have several business units and are active in several language regions. First and foremost, you want to identify your digital potential and create your digital marketing strategy and sales strategy. The digital recruiting strategy will follow at a later stage.

on request after scoping

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BEE INBOUND's approach was very structured and well organised. We received very good templates and therefore had an excellent basis for the text. We were supported by the employees who had a lot of professional competence and creativity. We experienced the cooperation as professional, transparent and constructive. The final result exceeded our expectations, especially with regard to the modernity of the design and the dynamics incorporated by the team.


Roberto Pertoldi


Ben Klein and his team were well prepared, very structured and had a detailed look at our market and our company. In the workshops we used modern tools, picked up the individual participants and clearly presented our own points of view. The cooperation was extremely collegial, open and efficient. My workload was essentially limited to the workshops and a few meetings between the workshops. Ben Klein knows what he is talking about, he is not a PowerPoint consultant. The developed gameplan became a central instrument of our marketing, thank you Ben!


Jürg Achermann


The experience with BEE-Inbound over the last two years has been very inspiring. The team is not only providing great support and consultancy, it also further develops their services constantly to be up to date with latest trends.


Patrick Widler


We were looking for a hubspot agency with a hands-on mentality and definetly found it with BEE. Martin is very experienced and helped us set up everything in a record-time. Will will continue to work with them for the future development and are looking forward to!


Giles Magnin


BEE Inbound not only helped us to strengthen our online presence exceptionally and consequently drive sales but also supported us in many marketing related questions as a very reliable and innovative sparring partner. I can highly recommend Ben Klein and his team!


Michael Eggimann


Do you want a fast, efficient and winning digital partner? Go to Bee and enable your Brand to stand-up in the cluttered social media environment


Andrea Pigatti


We wanted to set up our HubSpot application professionally in order to make maximize the utility of our CRM. BEE offered us exactly the services necessary to achieve this goal quickly and effectively in a lean fashion. BEE is a sympathetic sparring partner at eye level, who focuses on the essentials from conception to implementation. If you are really determined to scale your Marketing & Sales with HubSpot, BEE is the right partner for you.


Ralph Hartmeier


I work a lot with innovative startups and unfortunately, the European state of marketing & sales is often behind the most innovative players in the market. With BEE Inbound it's different in many ways. These guys know the newest possibilities to generate more qualified leads and increase the efficiency of the marketing funnel. They do that not only by leveraging their vast knowledge and the newest tools but also by aligning marketing and sales together and drive decision making based on data in an agile fashion. For scale-ups but also for enterprise level companies, BEE Inbound is my digital marketing partner of choice if it comes to Hubspot automation and innovative marketing tactics.


Manuel Hartmann


After scaling up our acquisition efforts our sales teams were faced with a lot of inbound leads but were missing a focus and clear prioritisation to work efficiently. With the help and direction from BEE we successfully implemented a data driven lead scoring system customised to our needs. Our sales teams now know exactly which leads to touch and we realised stunning efficiency wins and conversion rate improvement.


Joël L. Capt


As a young startup it was important for us to work with a partner that understood our needs, was able to provide guidance and develop a sustainable marketing strategy with us. Their experience and detailed analysis of our needs are what enabled us to set up a growth framework which can support our KPIs over the coming years.


Diana Klein

BEE makes happy

BEE smoothes the way: to more visibility, more success, more growth. We often start by clearly identifying our clients' potential and positioning, and with an unobstructed view of where they are - and where they want to go. We actively support them on this journey.

Your campaigns - designed for strong output

Creative ideas, visual design, content, coding, distribution and success control. You decide whether you take over all services, contribute some part yourself, or if we will launch your campaign in full service: Done by you, Done with you, Done for you. If you wish, we can also implement these campaigns directly in your Hubspot portal.

More to Inbound and Digital Strategy

We find the infinite opportunities of the digital world incredibly exciting. Digital and mobile capabilities connect people to brands, creating significant advantages for both supplier and customer.