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Growth-as-a-Subscription: Growth in instalments – an innovation from BEE

The BEE Digital Shares Launch Party took place on the 9th of June 2022, against the backdrop of beautiful Lake Zurich. This event laid the foundation for BEE Digital's ambitious growth goals.

BEE Digital Shares Launch PartyBEE Digital Shares Launch Party

We want to revolutionise the agency business model and establish Growth-as-a-Subscription in the market. We now offer our clients the opportunity to participate in this process and become part of the investor group.

What does Growth-as-a-Subscription (GaaS) mean?

With the innovative approach of Growth-as-a-Subscription, we offer an end-to-end growth service –– from Growth Strategy to Closed Deals. We rely on the T4V Growth Ecosystem, which we continue to expand with our T4V partners in order to be able to react even faster to market changes and risks.

The deal: We offer companies human resources, licences and advertising budgets on a subscription basis. The repayment options for the high initial investment are flexible and partly dependent on sales development. For this, we develop products, services and technology partnerships designed to generate monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and retain our customers for at least 36 months.

The investment model


We will achieve our ambitious goals through organic and inorganic growth. To finance the path to these goals, we offer our partners, customers, employees, friends and investors the opportunity to buy shares in BEE. 

We entered the fourth phase of our investment model on the 27th of June 2022. By providing 20,500 shares, additional investors can become part of the BEE story –– starting with an investment of CHF 1,000. Further capital increases are planned for the future by tokenising more shares.

Digital shares tokens

Digital shares are no longer a future scenario. Since the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Act came into force in Switzerland, investors can acquire digital securities. The Swiss parliament passed the DLT Act in September 2020. The "Blockchain Act" has been in force since the 1st of February 2021, making digital share certificates possible in the first place and providing a legal basis.

But what is a digital share?

Digital shares are tokenised securities. Tokenised shares also enable smaller companies to go public.

With BEE digital share tokens (so-called BEEs), we can finance ourselves through our ecosystem and remain strategically independent. Another important aspect: we want to take our community, our customers, partners and supporters, and above all, our employees with us on the path of growth, even over the long haul.

And the advantage for investors?

The advantage is clear: we want to grow, and through your investment, we can achieve our goals. Your investment will grow with us. All digital tokens have the same share class. The holders have the same voting rights as all investors, including the founders and early investors. You decide how you invest:

Investment Case 1: Hold shares until 2025
By getting in early, there is the potential for a significant increase in the share price. An investment of CHF 10,000 made today could potentially be worth CHF 30,000.

Investment Case 2: Hold shares and extend the investment until 2025
Shares can be bought and sold at any time via Brokerbot. However, the ability to do so depends on the number of available shares in Shareholder's Brokerbot, as there is only a limited number.

Investment Case 3: Sell shares at an earlier date
This is how you realise any investment gains at an earlier stage and sell the shares via Brokerbot.

Trading with tokenised shares via app

Aktionariat App

Trading BEEs is easy. You can use the Aktionariat app for this purpose. Aktionariat AG is a company based in Erlenbach, Switzerland. The company uses blockchain technology and therefore offers tokenised shares. These are Ethereum tokens based on the ERC-20 token standard. The tokens are subject to the "Security Token Guidelines" of the Swiss Blockchain Federation.

Funding progress

On our BEE Investors website, you can find the current progress of this funding as well as the development of the prices and the trading volume.

You can also contact us directly via this page and request an investor pitch deck. In addition, you will find the most important questions and answers there.

Don't wait too long. Become part of the BEE success story today.


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