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Virtual life - From an interview to working at BEE

It has been 3 months since I joined BEE INBOUND. Under these special circumstances during the global pandemic, I would like to share my path to BEE inbound and how I get to know more of the BEE team and BEE company culture - mostly virtually.

Applications and interview process

The process of applying was pleasant. I had a few rounds of virtual meetings with our HR, sales lead, as well as the BEE partner NetpressBusiness Solutions. The last round of interviews took place in the BEE.Hive in Zurich. Therefore, I was able to meet the founder and the whole team in person. BEE requested a simple, interesting introduction from me to the whole team. Additionally, I had to prepare case studies. The combination of these two tasks reflected both my personality/mindset and skills to see whether I can fit into BEE’s vision. Within two weeks, I received the good news and feedback that I would be starting my BEE journey remotely.

Virtual meetings  - more than business

screenshot Christmas meeting

I was invited to the team for a Christmas meeting. We celebrated together. For those who were not able to attend the gathering in person, we were not left out. Traditional Christmas hampers full of goodies were sent to our home so that we had the chance to celebrate together safely and joyfully :)

photo Christmas greetings cardsphoto honey

BEE INBOUND is based in Switzerland and is a multilingual environment. That can sometimes be a bit difficult. Fortunately, there is a tool called Webcaptioner, which I have often used for meetings. Since I am not a native German speaker, I don’t understand every single word that is spoken. Therefore, I used this captioner for German subtitles to make sure I do not miss any important details in the meeting. This applies to client meetings as well as internal collaborations.

photo BEE Inbound background

Onboarding and tools

Like for most organizations, onboarding new employees is one of the most crucial factors to ensure that knowledge and processes are well understood by the new hires. Being well informed and will make it easier for them to adjust to the new environment and hence more productive from the start. Slack and Asana were no strangers to the team and customer collaborations. As a project manager, an automated timeline and visualized tasks helps to get a better overview of the project and makes sure everyone is aware of the process. Asana is able to achieve that effortlessly.

screenshot asana tool

HubSpot Bootcamp

I have used HubSpot as a CRM for a couple of years already. As a new BEE, now I had a chance to join the HubSpot Bootcamp to revise and enrich knowledge and hacks for digital marketing.  

I was honored to even be the winner of these challenges. Besides that, I also wrote a blog post on what I learned from that HubSpot Bootcamp.

screenshot certificate Hubspot


Remote working is no longer the far future workforces, given the current global pandemic situation that we are in. According to the Statista survey: 35 percent of the respondents occasionally have to work remotely. Hence, Remote work is now more than ⅓ from all of us.

What I have learned in the last 90 days is that besides having the dedicated space and proper equipment in an office, communicating with colleagues and exchanging feedback are the most critical parts of effective remote working. Thanks to the BEE team, who have given me a very fulfilling 90 days despite I am physically a hundred miles/km away.