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Inbound 2017 BEE.Diary: The Art of Repetition

"You want to master the art of repetition – which is all about making the unfamiliar idea feel familiar!" - Adam Grant @ Inbound 17

Ok, let me be honest. I am usually the type of person in a team that comes up with the craziest ideas. The kind of ideas where people go "Oh- that’s not possible. This will never work". I either cause reactions of rejection or people stealing my ideas. Probably this is the reason why the talk that spoke the most to me today was the spotlight by Adam Grant about innovation.

"It takes oftentimes 15-20 repetitions of an idea until other people appreciate it." - Adam Grant @ Inbound 17

Wow, someone should have broken this fact to me 17 years back. I would have just come out with my idea, leant back, and waited to repeat myself like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Joke aside, and fast forward to the presence and to how this fact is relevant to my life as an Inbound Marketer today. Well, fact is, Inbound Marketing and HubSpot Integration certainly require a "habit change" for marketing teams – meaning that a large amount of "classic" marketing activities shift to the "structured digital inbound way of doing things". Many of our clients oftentimes face the challenge of integrating inbound-inspired marketing for the first time. For them it’s a completely new idea.

Maybe time to remind myself of the fact, that while I have been dealing with the inbound philosophy and the HubSpot tool enough time to question myself why I’d do marketing any other way, our clients are oftentimes completely new to the subject. And yes, I will pledge to repeat myself more patiently and start connecting the inbound approach to familiar stories so it all becomes more tangible for them.

Check this blog in the next couple of weeks on my feedback about how this new approach has been working out for me!