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BEE Digital Growth Blog: Aufbau digitale Marketingstrategie

How to Clean Data in HubSpot with the Operations Hub

Romy Fuchs | 17 Nov 2022

Without a clean database, your marketing campaigns, reports and deals will lead to skewed figures and questionable estimations - a little counterproductive when you ...

reading time: 7min

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How We Solve the Challenges of Personnel Service Providers

Bülent Paradiso | 10 Nov 2022

From the "Great Resignation" to "Quiet Quitting" and now "Mass Layoffs", the last few years have presented a whirlwind of challenges to personnel service providers. ...

reading time: 11min

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How to Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy for Manufacturers

Ben Klein | 29 Sep 2022

Are you a manufacturing business interested in modernising your marketing to get better results? Are you starting to realise that the old-school promotional methods are ...

reading time: 8min

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How to Uncover Your Customer's Key Pain Points

Manuela Krapf | 7 Jul 2022

In inbound marketing, we talk a lot about "pain points". But what exactly are they? Why are they so important? What's the danger in focusing on the wrong pain point?

reading time: 9min

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Which HubSpot Marketing Hub is right for me? Free vs Starter vs Pro vs Enterprise

Cindy Hameed | 17 Mar 2022

Are you searching for marketing software? It's 2022, and without the right kit to implement your digital marketing strategy, you may be at a serious disadvantage. Of ...

reading time: 12min

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Why do I need a digital marketing consultant?

Nik Engel | 23 Dec 2021

Digital marketing is a complex revenue-generating activity for growth-oriented businesses; however, there is often an oversimplification of what it actually entails.

reading time: 6min

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5 Signs That You Should Immediately Change Your Marketing Agency

Ben Klein | 4 Nov 2021

When you decide to invest in the services of a marketing agency, it's usually because you've recognised that there are aspects of your marketing that would be better ...

reading time: 7min

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Growth Strategy: Recruiting for Sales or Marketing? Who comes first?

Ben Klein | 5 Aug 2021

Is your business hitting, even skipping over, its milestones? Congratulations! You’re clearly doing something right. If your company is scaling, you’ll need a solid ...

reading time: 9min

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An Effective Digital Marketing Plan To Grow Your Business in 2023

Manuela Krapf | 4 Feb 2021

The start of a new year always inspires a fair amount of reflection on the efforts we've made in the past and whether we were able to achieve the goals we set for our ...

reading time: 7min

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