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Performance Marketing Leads - what happens next...?

A lead without a follow-up strategy is only half the battle!
Take a step forward and secure your true sales potential.


BEE Inbound: Your partner when you need leads that convert to buying customers.

40% more traffic in 3 months, thanks to a smart inbound-ready website and an inbound marketing strategy.

Case: Rademacher Logo

1213% increase in inbound leads with the support of paid media ads.

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Increased CVR from .24% up to 2.45%, resulting in 1020% overall improvement.

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CPC/CTR/CPM: Everything is great. But no leads at all?

The problem: Performance marketing alone doesn't generate customers!

Did you know that?

customer acquisition

Sustainable customer acquisition

Successful and sustainable customer acquisition is a measurable, holistic process and consists of 4 supporting pillars:

  • Performance marketing and lead generation
  • Measurability of data: Collection, management and use
  • Lead nurturing: Learning according to target groups
  • CRM Funnel for customer relationship, sales and retention
performance marketing, market and target group analysis

The magic word is synergy!

The optimal solution for seamless customer acquisition and sales is the interaction of competencies. Use the experience of experts and generate a synergy between performance marketing, market and target group analysis, and an individual CRM funnel system.

3 IN 1: Three expertise - one address!

  • Media and advertisements
  • Data analysis and market research
  • CRM funnel (HubSpot and others)

All services for the entire customer journey from a single source. Implemented in advertisements, landing pages, websites, sales emails, social media, etc. In terms of performance marketing campaigns and performance advertising for your (digital) marketing.

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"Do you want a fast, efficient, and winning digital partner? Go to BEE and enable your Brand to stand up in the cluttered social media environment."


Andrea Pigatti, Brand Manager bei Häagen-Dazs

Free Ads Audit

In our audit, you’ll discover the areas that need attention, the tools required to fix or improve your processes and how often you have to review and maintain your strategies to ensure continuous optimal performance.

media and data strategy

Data is your wealth and your path to success.

Data enables successful marketing campaigns where performance is measurable. Learn to leverage your data to gather actionable insights that help you achieve your goals.
Bundle market data, lead data and customer data into a unified CRM funnel system and build a media and data strategy for 3 key areas:

  • From lead to customer: Revenue
  • Follow-up business: Continuous revenue
  • Segment and demand expansion: Expansion of potential
performance advertising

Performance Advertising: Don't just run ads. Learn from them!

Performance marketing goes far beyond awareness & lead generation.
  • Test ideas faster
    Elicit the right target groups, channels, messages and visual language with A/B testing.
  • Systematise insights
    Use the insights to optimise the performance of other campaigns, landing pages and ads.
  • Validate demand
    Weak products in your range can drain your resources.. With ads, demand can be validated before creation efforts are made.

Case: Apari Logo

"As a young startup, it was important for us to work with a partner that understood our needs, was able to provide guidance and develop a sustainable marketing strategy with us. Their experience and detailed analysis of our needs is what enabled us to set up a growth framework that can support our KPIs over the coming years."

Diana Klein, Head of Strategy & Markets, APARI Digital

BEE Tech Stack

We make sure your ads are seen by the right people at the right time.

Our team of experts can map all common social media platforms, search engines, the Google Display Network and many other self-managed platforms. We’ll support you in the performance channels as well as other digital and offline media with the help of our specialist consultants. Our goal is to maximise your success with a performance-oriented campaign built on the perfect media mix.Paid Media platforms 


Holistic service competence in detail.

The all-round no-worry service package! All the important components you need for seamless customer and revenue generation. A complete customer journey, tailored to your needs, created by experts who understand every step of the process in every detail.

Digital media

Integrate digital and web-based media tools for better results.

  • Guaranteed lead generation (content syndication)
  • Direct bookings (IO based display)
  • Mailings
  • ABM and bid support
  • Social selling
  • Digital events and webcasts

Data and market research

Professional collection, evaluation and management of data is the key to measurable success.

  • Data collection from advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Data analysis and creation of target group profiles
  • Customer needs and behaviour analysis
  • Data learning processes
  • Market research
  • Market tests (ad, product and message tests, customer demand tests, etc.)

Apari Case Study

Putting the Growth Framework to Work! In this case study you will learn how we implemented a holistic strategy together with APARI and increased the click-through rate through testing many times over, increased the conversion rate by over 1,000% and reduced the cost per lead by 97%.


LinkedIn Follower

Are you present on LinkedIn but not gaining any new followers? Then you should definitely familiarise yourself with our guide, which gives you 10 tips to generate new followers (only in German).

Download Guide

LinkedIn Ads - Best Practice

LinkedIn has become indispensable in the B2B sector. We have therefore created a comprehensive comparison of the different advertising formats of LinkedIn and show you how you can link them in a campaign (only in German).

Download Guide

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