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Nico Schenk

Nico's passion is inbound marketing with all its facets. He sees huge potential in the inbound methodology for ongoing optimisation in marketing and sales. When working with clients, Nico gives his all to design projects and lead generating strategies. As a HubSpot Champions User, he is a huge fan of automation and powerful social media campaigns for fast and efficient delivery of results.

How Your B2B Sales Team Can Be More Successful in 2022

Nico Schenk | 3 Mar 2022

For over two years, your sales team has been put to the test. Overnight, the established methods that worked relatively well before suddenly became irrelevant. Many ...

reading time: 6min

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Assignment Selling: How to use your marketing content throughout the sales process

Nico Schenk | 6 Jan 2022

Some businesses quickly see the value in content marketing and start producing content without hesitation; they hire in-house teams or outsource specialists and crack on ...

reading time: 9min

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How To Get Sales Content From Your Marketing Team

Nico Schenk | 7 Oct 2021

If salespeople had an honest conversation with their marketing team, and we mean a really honest discussion, it might go something like this:

reading time: 6min

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How to set effective sales goals with your team

Nico Schenk | 12 Aug 2021

Are your company's sales goals looking a bit like a pie in the sky weight loss plan? You have a number in mind; you know you need to eat healthily and exercise more, but ...

reading time: 7min

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Customer Acquisition: How to Convert Leads into Customers

Nico Schenk | 22 Jul 2021

As marketers, we're always under a lot of pressure to generate more leads. The volume of incoming leads will depend on the type of industry you're in – for example, ...

reading time: 8min

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